You Can Run...

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You Can Run...
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Margrid the Sly
in Command Post
Required hero Margrid the Sly
Preceded by Fish in a Barrel
Type Secondary quest

Find Jerob No-Spine and punish him for his betrayal of the Sunspears!

Quest information[edit]


Required Hero: Margrid




Start out from Camp Hojanu and go speak to Ruthless Sevad in the middle of the Barbarous Shore to see what he can tell you about Jerob No-Spine. After talking to Ruthless Sevad, it's quickest to map straight to Yohlon Haven and see Makala. From there, map to Nundu Bay and head out to the Marga Coast to meet with Mehnosi. His location depends on whether you have done a quest Herds to the Slaughter before. If yes, he is standing on the western side of the zone near the sea; otherwise he is near the small swamp southeast of the Kournan garrison. After speaking to Mehnosi, follow the quest pointer to find Jerob in the Marga Coast area.

Although friendly at first, Jerob will turn hostile and attack the party, but will soon return to his spineless ways and beg for mercy rather than die.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Margrid the Sly
"It's time for Jerob No-Spine to get what's coming to him. That despicable rat's very existence is an insult to everything true corsairs stand for! I plan to personally see to it that this is No-Spine's final insult. I intend to hunt him down and show him exactly what happens when you cross Margrid the Sly. There is no corner dark enough to hide him, no disguise clever to mask his stench. There is only so long he can run, for every time Jerob No-Spine turns around, I will be snapping at his heels. We should start with Ruthless Sevad in the Barbarous Shore. That scoundrel's always got his ear to the ground. I'll check with my informants and we'll meet back here. Are you with me or against me, ?"
Yes Accept: "No-Spine can run, but he can't hide!"
No Decline: "I'm not against you,"
Ask Ask: "Ask around, someone must have spotted Jerob No-Spine. Start with Ruthless Sevad on the Barbarous Shore. Even if he didn't see that spineless worm, Sevad will know where to start looking."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Ruthless Sevad
"You're looking for Jerob No-Spine, eh? I saw the worm a couple of days ago. He was looking for some money. Needed some cash to fund a "treasure hunting" trip. The whole thing stunk of one of his ridiculous schemes, and I got the feeling he wasn't coming back any time soon. I told him to beat it. Jerob isn't known for paying back his debts, anyway. Try that herbalist over at Yohlon Haven or that chatty young herdsman in the Marga Coast. They always seem to know more than they're letting on."
Herbalist Makala
"You're looking for who? No-Spine? Oh yes, the corsair, right? Now that you mention it, he was by here just the other day. He was looking to buy some of my herbal remedies. Said he was stocking up for a long voyage; something about visiting relatives in Kryta. But he didn't have the gold to pay right away. Claimed he had some deal with the Kournans that was going to pay quite a large sum, and he'd get the gold to me in a couple days. I told him my remedies don't come free and he'd just have to come back when he had the gold to pay for them. That was the last I saw of him."
Herdsman Mehnosi
"You're looking for that corsair, right? I saw him. Came through here just last night. He thought I was asleep, but I was watching his every move. A herdsman has to protect the herd, after all, and you never know when a corsair is going to try to lead off your flock. I lost track of him when he wandered off to the south. He was talking to himself, something about a ship he had to catch. If you head south far enough you hit the shore. I'd check along the coastline if I were you. That's your best bet unless he managed to catch the ship. Happy hunting!"
Jerob No-Spine
"<Character name>! You're supposed to be dead! Guess I'll just have to finish the job...."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Jerob No-Spine
"Please, please! Don't kill me! I'm so sorry. I'll never cross you again. Please, have mercy on a poor, spineless fool like me. Here...t-t-take this gold, it's all I've got left! Just leave me my life!"


  • If you have Toma with you, it is possible for him to kill Jerob with Feeding Frenzy. If this happens, Jerob will not respawn even if you rezone. You must abandon the quest and restart it from the beginning.
  • If you rezone after completing the quest but before accepting the reward, Jerob will not spawn. You must abandon the quest and restart it from the beginning.
  • Even if you have the quest A Fool's Luck (in which you meet Jerob No-Spine in Barbarous Shore) you can't talk to him about the You Can Run... quest.


  • This quest title no doubt taken from the common law enforcement phrase "You can run, but you can't hide" (as Jerob No-Spine found to his cost).