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Most skills have an activation time. During this time, it is possible to cancel such skills by pressing a movement key. The "Cancel Action" hotkey (default: "Escape" key) can also be used and is usually faster and more reliable.

Cancelling has the following results:

Example scenarios where cancelling can be useful:

  • When skills like Diversion have been used on you.
  • You have started to use the wrong skill by mistake.
  • The incorrect target is selected.
  • The skill is no longer necessary/useful e.g. enemy nearly dead.
  • You are about to be interrupted or knocked down e.g. Giant Stomp imminent.
  • You can dodge or otherwise leave an area of an incoming projectile or spell e.g. Dragon Blast imminent.
  • You are attempting to trick enemies into wasting interrupts by starting a skill and then cancelling the skill before the interrupt succeeds.
  • You are trying to trigger weapon set effects, such as, "Aptitude not Attitude" for a quicker cast.

Most quick attack skills cannot be canceled by use of the Cancel Action hotkey; however, it is still possible to cancel these skills by swapping weapons from within your inventory during use of the skill. This is most commonly seen in higher level GvG ranger duels.

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