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Kysten Shore

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Kysten Shore
Kysten Shore map.jpg
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Victory condition First to reach 20 points
Party size 5
Allowed levels Any
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None

The Kysten Shore is an arena in the style of the Norn territory in the Far Shiverpeaks. It is a part of the Costume Brawl during Halloween events.

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Objects

Control points

Shrine Location Pips Bonus
Battle Cry Shrine East 1 Battle Cry
Center Shrine Center 2 "To the Pain!"
Energy Shrine West 1 Energy Shrine Bonus

[edit] Trivia

  • 'Kysten' may be derived from the Norse for 'Shore', making the name a pleonasm.
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