Angchu Tengu (The Tengu Accords)

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Angchu Tengu (The Tengu Accords)
Tengu caster.jpg
Affiliation Angchu
Type Tengu
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 20
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack

Three Angchu Tengu necromancers accompanied Swift Honorclaw and Talon Silverwing when they made their way to peace talks proposed by Minister Wona.




Before act II, each of the three Tengu has a different line:

"Do not waste your venom on me, human. I am immune."
"We Angchu are true to our word. If a peace is brokered, we will honor it."
"Why am I here, exactly? I should be defending Aerie instead of clacking my beak at you."

In act II, while fighting, the three Tengu will each use a different line:

"Keep fighting, human. The Tengu have no use for cowards!"
"Stop hiding behind me, Togo. There is blood to be shed!"

In act II, after the fight, the three Tengu will each use a different line:

"Not bad, featherless one. You can watch my back anytime."
"You are different than the rest, Togo. If your half-brother has even half your honor, perhaps this treaty will hold."
"You say you have been betrayed as we have. Prove your words truthful. Bind them with action, and we will secure the futures of our kinds together."


The Angchu Tengu's repeating conversation with each other in act I of the mission:

"They cross our borders as if they do not exist. This blatant disrespect must end!"
"Our demands must be met before we agree to peace. We must not waver!"
"These lands were ours long before the Canthans arrived. They have no legitimate claim."
"Trade imbalances will not be tolerated. I refuse to pay more for items than a human!"
"I was attacked by these featherless beasts for hunting on our own lands. It is an outrage!"
"Minister Wona himself has sanctioned midnight raids against the Sensali. How can they trust him? How can we?"
"Midnight raids? Hmph. I've heard tales of assassination attempts on Sensali diplomats. Where is the honor in that?"