Ascalon Bow

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Ascalon Bow
Ascalon Bow.jpg Composite Bow.jpg
Type Bow
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Damage type(s) Piercing damage
Common salvage Wood Planks
Inventory icon Ascalon bow.png

The Ascalon Bow is a type of bow that can only be obtained from collectors and weaponsmiths.


Collectors for maximum damage Ascalon Bows

Collector Item Type
Sir Pohl Sanbert 5 Dune Burrower Jaws Longbow
Nord Stonegrimm 2 Frozen Shells Longbow
Luven Underwood 5 Minotaur Horns Flatbow
Mag Ironwall 5 Intricate Grawl Necklaces Flatbow
Karl Jakobs 5 Massive Jawbones Hornbow
Hoknil the Lesser 5 Azure Remains Hornbow
John Verado 5 Topaz Crests Recurve Bow
Bariel Darkroot 5 Alpine Seeds Recurve Bow
Trego Stonebreaker 5 Mountain Troll Tusks Shortbow
Mourn Drakespur 5 Dessicated Hydra Claws Shortbow