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Sunspear f armored.jpg
Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall
Bahbukar map.jpg
Location in Churrhir Fields

Bahbukar, when talked to, will run a race around a nearby planter. While the race is on, she can be attacked. No apparent reward is available for winning the race, it's only purpose is to enable players practicing their Snares and Speed boosting skills.

This appears to be a lesson for Mesmers, Warriors, Rangers and Dervishes on how to use their Imagined Burden, Sprint, Storm Chaser, Whirling Charge and Crippling Sweep skills, since their effects can't be experienced if cast on the stationary practice targets, such as the Sunspear Volunteer or the Suit of Armor. Players from other professions may practice how to move and/or body block opponents.



Quests involved in:



  • To easily win the race, have a hero body block her as she comes around the planter. This can easily be done by placing the flag to your hero next to the planter, as Bahbukar will not try to go around your hero.
  • If you kill her, she will be alive when you leave and come back.
  • Can also take shortest path as close to pot as you can and easily beat her.