The Gift of Giving

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The Gift of Giving
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Wintersday
Given by Elder Skruuj
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Preceded by How the Grentches Stole Wintersday
Type Festival quest
The Gift of Giving map.png
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Help deliver nasty Special Presents to various Dwayna-loving NPCs on Istan.

Quest information[edit]





You need to deliver five Special Presents to five different NPCs in five different explorable areas. The quest markers will make this a rather simple, if slightly tedious affair. Nightfall characters will need to have started Isle of the Dead to access Issnur Isles and Mehtani Keys.

Since you are already in Kamadan, head out into Churrhir Fields to deliver a present to Bahbukar. Upon delivery, three Humbugs will spawn and chase her around.

Head to Sunspear Great Hall and go outside. Timahr (a collector) is at the Southeastern corner of the Sunspear building. Deliver the present and she will be sucked into the present and trapped there.

Travel to Jokanur Diggings next and head out into Zehlon Reach. Head straight north to the settlement area in the northwestern corner to find Ashigun. Deliver the present and Grentches will spawn and chase him.

The fourth delivery starts best from Beknur Harbor. Find Kanyama near where the Troublesome Flamingos are found. His present will explode when it is delivered.

The last NPC to deliver to is Tesserai, a merchant in Mehtani Keys. Starting from Kodlonu Hamlet, head to the settlement on the northernmost island. Her present will drop a snowman on her.

Once all five presents have been delivered, return to Elder Skruuj for your reward.



Churrhir Fields:

Zehlon Reach:


Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Skruuj

"Now, you might be wondering what we're planning to do with a giant stocking full of presents. We put our top Grentches on the project and made a few adjustments...improvements, if you the packages. Now all that's left is to deliver them to all the Dwayna-loving folk in Istan. Wanna do your part, buster? Why don't you be the errand boy and witness the fruits of our labor. I guarantee it'll be a blast!"
Yes Accept: "Mwuhahahaha!"
No Decline: "Mwuhahahaha! I mean, no."
Ask Ask: "Go and deliver those infernal gifts in Grenth's name!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Bahbukar: "Oooh, a gift for me? Is it socks? I just love socks."
Bahbukar: "Yikes! Humbugs! Run!"
Timahr: "Hmmm...smells like a puppy inside. You shouldn't have!"
Timahr: "Egads! That's no puppy!"
Special Present: "Hey! Let me out of here!"
Special Present: "AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
Ashigun: "Gimme gimme gimme!"
Ashigun: "Aiieeee! Grentches! They're in my hair!"
Kanyama: "Please be a summer sausage...."
Kanyama: "Oof. That's gonna leave a mark."
Tesserai: "Oh you shouldn't have. I didn't get you anything..."
Tesserai: "What the...oh my GAWD!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Skruuj

"Did I say those gifts would be a hit? Hahahaha! *cough* Hundreds more are being distributed throughout Istan as we speak. Those Dwayna-loving simpletons will quickly learn to stop being so generous and remember the chill of Grenth during this Wintersday. Thanks to you, <Player name>, Grenth will have his vengeance."