Corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon

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Corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon
Corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon.jpg
Affiliation Ebon Vanguard
Type Human
Level(s) 1
Campaign Eye of the North
Corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon map.jpg
Location in Dalada Uplands.

This is the Corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon, who was a member of the Ebon Vanguard. Brave Brent Poltroon was under the command of Sergeant Weststar, together with Jenn Valefield and Chance Redding.


You must first listen to the conversation that Sergeant Weststar is having with his troops just outside the Southeast exit from Longeye's Ledge.


Quests given:


"Corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon"
*The body of Brave Brent Poltroon lies before you, replete with savage and grisly wounds. It appears Brent's suspicions were not baseless after all, and he has been chewed on by a Charr. What fate has befallen the other Ebon Vanguard?*
Yes I hope the others aren't this...gnawed.
No: I'm too pretty to be a chew toy!
When asked about quest
"The wounds on the body are still fresh. There's a chance that the others may yet be saved, if you can find them within Sacnoth Valley."


  • Although classified as a NPC, he behaves as an actual corpse. For example, minions can be spawned from him.