Cultist Rajazan

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Cultist Rajazan
Cultist Milthuran.jpg
Affiliation Outcasts
Type Human (boss)
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Factions
Cultist Rajazan map.jpg
Location in Unwaking Waters

Cultist Rajazan is an Outcast boss that appears in the Unwaking Waters (explorable area).



16 Blood Magic

Items dropped[edit]


  • Although he is a Necromancer, his unique drop is a sword.
    • Nonetheless, it is a caster weapon (that provides +5 energy and +20% enchantment duration), which does synergize with his elite skill.
  • He uses either his unique weapon or a Wicked Blade in melee combat.