Curator Ruras

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Curator Ruras
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Ghost
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall
Curator Ruras location 2.jpg
Location in The Shattered Ravines
Curator Ruras location.jpg
Location in Poisoned Outcrops.

Curator Ruras leads an expedition from Ascalon (together with Kane, Chessa and Larano) to search for Elonian artifacts.



Quests given:


"This place stinks worse than a pile of Grawl droppings! It reeks of sulfur and it's people haven't an inkling of respect. As soon as I locate just a few more artifacts for my museum, I shall leave this dreadful place and return to Rin."

Upon initially approaching Curator Ruras, Chessa, and Larano, the following dialogue is triggered:

Curator Ruras: "If you do not find my guide, you can forget about the money."
Chessa: "Are you kidding me? If we go out there, we'll never come back either!"
Larano: "Yeah, what he said!"
Curator Ruras: "When we get back to Rin, I am going to make sure the two of you never find decent work again!"
Chessa: "What are you going to do, write me a bad reference? Ha! That's rich!"
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