Dynastic Spirit

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Dynastic Spirit
Restless spirit.jpgAscalonian ghost f.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Ghost
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Dynastic Spirits are the ghosts of the inhabitants of the now-ruined cities in the Desolation, which thrived during the Dynastic age.



"Do not leave us. Palawa Joko will rise again, and we must prepare to fight him. Forever..."
"Even a spirit can dare, traveler, and even a ghost can defy."
"I fear the powers rising in the Crystal Desert. I feel Palawa Joko's fingers in the sand, counting the hours we have left on this world."
"I remember ancient dynasties of proud kings fighting over noble titles. They're all gone now; no more than sand on the exposed seabed."
"Live forever. Walk the sands until the sun burns you raw. Never die."
"Palawa Joko! I curse the name! He stole from us our honor!"
"Something moved beneath the sands of the Crystal Desert. Hungry spirits, seeking flesh."
"Sunspear...that is what they call your people? Yes, we were much like you; before the dark times...before Palawa Joko."
"The Dynasties still live in my dreams. There is another true-blooded heir..."
"The dynasties were a time of peace and plenty. Children laughed and men and women discussed all manner of philosophy. Palawa Joko ended it all."


  • Some phrases spoken by Dynastic Spirits seem to be prophetic towards Guild Wars 2; for example: the first phrase mentioned above references to the fact that in the Movement of the World it stated that Palawa Joko rose again to complete his invasion, the ending of the ninth phrase mentioned above seems to be a reference to how in the Movement of the World article it stated that the next, true blooded heir will return to Ascalon, and so on and so forth.