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About Me

Hello! I'm Gaile Gray, ArenaNet Support Liaison, and this is my page. Thanks for stopping by.

  • What's a Support Liaison? This is a position that ArenaNet created in April of 2008. Essentially, I serve as player advocate and as a "bridge" between the development team and our support teams in North America, Europe, and Asia. ArenaNet has always wanted to help players in the best way possible; I try to contribute towards that goal on a daily basis. Issues start with support of course. But if our Support Team is unable to resolve the issue, they'll bump it up to me and I'll see if I can resolve it or discuss it with the appropriate person at the studio. Some examples: exploits, new technical or account issues, or a review of policies or support processes. But remember: I won't be a final Court of Appeal, so I don't have a supply of "Get Out of Jail Free" cards. :)
  • Messaging: You can leave me a message any time on my talk page or drop me an email through the GWW email system. I'd love to hear from you any time.
  • Playing I have a lot of accounts, some for work, some for playing, others for storage. I think I have about 40 characters or so, although not all have completed all the campaigns.

Ranger-icon-small.png Gaile Gray -- My main girl for visiting with players
Ranger-icon-small.png Wintersday Gaile -- Item bearer for my favourite holiday
Ranger-icon-small.png Gaile Gray Holiday -- For Halloween and other holiday items
Warrior-icon-small.png Critter Collector -- Babysitter for my Miniatures
Assassin-icon-small.png Critter Keeper Too -- Back-up caregiver for more minis
Paragon-icon-small.png Dyekiesha Joie -- Storage for dyes and keys
Necromancer-icon-small.png Runetomei Escrollia - Storage for runes, tomes, and scrolls
Mesmer-icon-small.png Windy Gaile -- Bow Collection Storage
Elementalist-icon-small.png Gailes Collection -- Storage for special collectible items I like to keep
Ritualist-icon-small.png Gaile Gray Cantha -- For visits requiring political neutrality :)
Paragon-icon-small.png Gaile Gray Elona -- Couldn't wait to make a Paragon
Monk-icon-small.png Keeper O The Greens -- She who stores all Unique Bows
Ranger-icon-small.png Party Thyme -- Collector of all things for the Party Animal, and more
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Some of my Personal Guild Wars Projects

I really adore the Guild Wars miniatures. You can see my little family at the top, center, and bottom of this page, all lined up in alphabetical order. Other minis I hope to add, include:

  • Panda (big surprise, huh?)
  • Miniature Polar Bear (right, when FoW freezes over)
  • Ghostly Hero (of course)
  • Naga Raincaller
  • Vizu
  • Greased Lightning
  • Zhed the Hoofmeister
  • Long-Haired Yeti
  • Chibbi Gwen (Gwen Doll)
  • Yakkington
  • Dhuuuuuum. My newest obsession -- he's just gorgeous!
  • And a few others. My dream is a full set. That's not terribly likely, but you have to have goals in life. :)

Special thanks to everyone who has helped me with pet collecting -- I really appreciate all those who have helped the family grow!

As of 2011, I am most definitely still working on trying to build "Miniatures: The Full Collection." I will be the first to admit I'll never get there, but I will keep trying because it's fun and hope springs eternal! At of right now, I have reached an odd point in time that... well, you can read about it on my journal page if you wish. Superstition FTW! ;)

In the meantime, if you find you have one of the minis above and want to trade, I have at least THREE full sets of wooden planks I could offer in return! :D

My Bow Collection

If Miniatures are an interest, so is my love of the Ranger bow. (I celebrated the date bows were (finally!) added to the game by baking the entire team my Triple Chocolate Brownies of Death.) I am focusing on the Greens and Golds, and here is what I have so far (with thanks to many friends who have helped me):


  • Amber Longbow
  • Ancient Flatbow
  • Ancient Hornbow
  • Ancient Longbow
  • Ancient Shortbow
  • Aureate Longbow
  • Azure Recurve Bow
  • Azure Shortbow
  • Bladed Recurve Bow
  • Bramble Flatbow
  • Bramble Longbow
  • Bramble Recurve Bow
  • Bramble Shortbow
  • Caged Shortbow
  • Celestial Longbow
  • Composite Bow
  • Dead Bow
  • Destroyer Flatbow
  • Destroyer Shortbow
  • Destroyer Recurvebow
  • Destroyer Hornbow
  • Destroyer Longbow
  • Dragon Hornbow
  • Eternal Bow
  • Feathered Flatbow
  • Feathered Longbow
  • Flatbow
  • Forked Hornbow
  • Grinning Recurve Bow


  • Half Moon
  • Hornbow
  • Ironwing Flatbow
  • Ivory Bow
  • Jade Longbow
  • Longbow
  • Maplewood Longbow
  • Naga Longbow
  • Oaken Recurve Bow
  • Plagueborn Recurve Bow
  • Platinum Longbow
  • Recurve Bow
  • Shadow Bow
  • Shortbow
  • Skull Flatbow
  • Skull Hornbow
  • Skull Longbow
  • Skull Recurve Bow
  • Skull Shortbow
  • Spiked Recurve Bow
  • Stoneshard Hornbow
  • Storm Bow
  • Sturdy Recurve Bow
  • Tormented Longbow
  • Turtle Shell Longbow
  • Undead Flatbow
  • Undead Hornbow
  • Undead Longbow
  • Undead Recurve Bow
  • Undead Short Bow
  • Vabbian Longbow
  • Vabbian Flatbow
  • Wooden Longbow
  • Zodiac Longbow


  • Ahvha's Longbow
  • Ashlyn's Shortbow
  • Arachni's Longbow
  • Bolten's Recurve Bow
  • Benwah's Recurve Bow
  • Bow of the Hierophant
  • Chehbaba's Longbow
  • Chiggen's Shortbow
  • Chkkr's Flatbow
  • Custo's Hornbow
  • Deatheater Longbow
  • Deldrimor Flatbow
  • Deldrimor Longbow
  • Deldrimor Shortbow
  • Destructive Hornbow
  • Drago's Vampiric Flatbow
  • Droknar's Hornbow
  • Droknar's Longbow
  • Droknar's Recurve Bow
  • Dzabel's Hornbow
  • Elswyth's Longbow
  • Elswyth's Recurve Bow
  • Emeju's Longbow
  • Forgotten Flatbow
  • Forgotten Longbow
  • Forgotten Recurve Bow
  • Gargash's Recurve Bow
  • Graygore's Shortbow
  • Ironwing Flatbow
  • Ironwing Longbow
  • Jin's Hornbow


  • Johon's Longbow
  • Kaolin Longbow
  • Koren's Hornbow
  • Korg's Recurve Bow
  • Lorelle's Longbow
  • Mallyx's Longbow
  • Mallyx's Recurve Bow
  • Meynsang's Longbow
  • Nandet's Recurve Bow
  • Nooseknitter's Flatbow
  • Petraj's Recurve Bow
  • Razortongue's Recurve Bow
  • Rotwing Recurve Bow
  • Ryver's Shortbow
  • Stinger
  • Stoneherder's Flatbow
  • Stygian Recurve Bow
  • Tenezel's Shortbow
  • Thornbeard's Horned Bow
  • Tundoss' Shortbow
  • Uhiwi's Shortbow
  • Urgoz's Flatbow
  • Urgoz's Longbow
  • Urgoz's Shortbow
  • Vah's Hornbow
  • Wintergreen Bow
  • Xalnax's Destiny
  • Zelnehlun's Longbow
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My Projects

Title Update:

In December 2009, my main character on my work account simultaneously reached the topmost levels of Party Animal and Sweet Tooth. Oh happy day! These were great fun, especially since they were a group project with so many friends I've met in the game.

Future Titles:

  • Hound-To-Be: I worked on the Drunkard title and got to 9,994 points months ago. I probably should have muscled through and gotten that title, just so I could tell my grandchildren (insert creaky old voice here): "Yep, back in MY day, you had to EARN you title, one click at a time. None of this fancy-schmantzy 'get the points when you guzzle' for me! I clicked, I staggered, I said a few embarrassing things, and then I got the point. Bah! you young-uns don't have a clue what it really takes!" ;)
  • Legendary Defender of Ascalon: With recent changes, I am definitely going for a Defender now!
What's New Lately in My Wiki Place?

  • Journal: I have a small Journal as a tab at the top of this page. I update once in a while, and the discussion page is always open.
  • Support Issues: The very best place to add concerns about the game, your account, or other things of that nature is on the Support Issues page. I'll try to help you as quickly as possible.
  • Support FAQs: You have questions for Support, we have answers. Head here for topics ranging, so far, from the Xunlai Tournament House to Death Counts and the Survivor Title. Your input is welcome on the Discussion Page.
  • ArenaNet Portal: Here's a useful page for you: ArenaNet:Portal, the place for many of the pages that I used to host off of my user space, such as the Bug Report pages and Suggestions pages.
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