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Guild Atrum Argentum DarkSilverLogoAtArII.jpg

Guild History

Atrum Argentum (historical) [AtAr]
Guild Atrum Argentum cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Faction (Kurzick).jpg Kurzick
Type PvE and Social
No. of members ~35
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
VoIP Teamspeak
Webpage Atrum Argentum

Founded in July 2005, we have members specializing in PvE. The guild itself has grown from the 3 original members to well over 30. Often we join to complete missions, farm, and any other PvE need requested by a member. The guild itself is a continuation of the DarkSilver Corporation originally from EVE Online. AtAr was created initially to make communicating among friends easier, however, we now span all three Guild Wars campaigns as well as the Eye of the North expansion.

This guild is now inactive! We have decided to stop playing Guild Wars at this time to pursue other MMO offerings. All of us are eagerly awaiting news on Guild Wars 2 and will form back up when it finally ships. Guild Wars has been a fantastic MMO experience and we have no doubt that Guild Wars 2 will meet (and exceed) our high expectations when it arrives.

Guild Structure

Guild Hall Amenities

The following services offered by the Guild Lord have been purchased for the guild. This includes:
Services Added Costs
Xunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum 0Gold
Dye Trader Yes 50Platinum 0Gold
Crafting Material Trader Yes 100Platinum 0Gold
Rare Material Trader Yes 100Platinum 0Gold
Rune Trader Yes 25Platinum 0Gold
Scroll Trader Yes 50Platinum 0Gold
Skill Trainer Yes 100Platinum 0Gold
Priest of Balthazar Yes 10Platinum 0Gold
Merchant Yes 25Platinum 0Gold
Weaponsmith Yes 10Platinum 0Gold
Total 480Platinum 0Gold


While Atrum Argentum is not recruiting, some members have been picked up off the streets of Kaineng City in the past. The guild never seeks recruits, and consists instead of a group of friends open to expansion through friendship rather than chance.


Anomaly. The majority of this guild now plays Lord of the Rings Online.