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Glyph cape emblem.png
Braveheart World Xi [any]
Braveheart World Xi [any]
Guild Braveheart World Xi cape.jpg
Territory International
Language English
Leader Monk.pngJaypac The Celt of
Faction Luxon.png Luxon
Type Hero's Handbook.pngPvx
No. of members The Tales of Young Heroes page.jpg 90-100
Guild Hall Guild hall icon.png Imperial Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage Under Construction
Forums Under Construction
Time zone International

Braveheart World XI (All Nations Yielded) is a veteran guild of the Guild Wars world, being founded in August 24th 2005 with guild leader Jay, known also as Larsson Pride, steering the helm. Braveheart World XI has always held its head high with the strength of its faith in itself and the members that form it, with a strong resolve to succeed at all that challenges them. Its members find it more than just a guild; it is a family, with everyone who is part of it creating a friendly bond amongst each other.

"We value honour, integrity and loyalty above all else and strive to keep Cavalon's Deep open to all Luxons." -Jay

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Domination Of The Jade Sea

Following the release of Guild Wars Factions, Braveheart World XI were quick to make its mark. With a team of confident warriors, elementalists, monks and the like, Braveheart World XI, along with its newly formed alliance, swiftly dominated the Kurzick oppression in the Alliance Battles and their strength rewarded them the main plaza of the Luxons - Cavalon.

Braveheart World XI have since been proud owners of its mantle, always being just ahead of the competition. Any drop to the Aurios Mines and below has been quickly remedied with strong determination, making Cavalon theirs again.

Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm.png

Braveheart World XI have always complimented their strength with a love for fun and team activities after the members got their required faction in:

0xp 8-player full Mount Qinkai Speed Clearing.

0xp Regular Faction farming of the Mount Qinkai area.

0xp Deep excursions.

0xp Underworld and Fissure Of Woe teams (Speed Clear/Normal Clear).

0xp Domain Of Anguish (Frost-way/Glavie-way HM/NM).

0xp Volatic Spear Farm.

0xp Guild-wide celebrations of the festive events.

0xp more on the way :D


10xp You must help to donate a sizable amount of faction per day.

10xp We entrusted you to take the initiative in creating faction farming teams to keep the faction total up.

10xp Must Have At least Factions plus Two of these Eye of The North/Night Fall/Prophecies.

10xp Have atleast 3 LvL 20 characters and Completed most campains.

10xp Be on Atleast Every 2-3 day other wize you might get kicked but there will be invite waiting for you when your back. (invite lasts 2-4days)

Contact Information

Before considering joining our guild, please make sure that you are ready to meet its recruitment requirements.

Guild Leader:

Monk.pngJaypac The Celt Of

Imperial Isle
Services Added Costs
Xunlai Agent icon.png Xunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum
Dye Trader icon.png Dye Trader Yes 50Platinum
Material Trader icon.png Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rare Material Trader icon.png Rare Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rune Trader icon.png Rune Trader Yes 25Platinum
Scroll Trader icon.png Scroll Trader Yes 50Platinum
Skill Trainer icon.png Skill Trainer Yes 100Platinum
Priest of Balthazar icon.png Priest of Balthazar Yes 10Platinum
Merchant icon.png Merchant Yes 25Platinum
Weaponsmith icon.png Weaponsmith Yes 10Platinum
Guild Emblemer icon.png Guild Emblemer Yes 10Platinum
Canthan Ambassador icon.png Canthan Ambassador Yes 10Platinum
Festival Hat Keeper icon.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes 10Platinum

Guild Officers:

Ritualist.png Anne Teaks

Elementalist.png B B Q Bettie

Warrior.png D E A T H

Warrior.png Drunk And Angry

Necromancer.pngJonx Darkcat

Monk.png Mistress Lay

Mesmer.png Pattia C Amant

Ritualist.pngShalindra Vos

Ritualist.pngSherri Is Good

Elementalist.pngTequila Mockingbird

Ritualist.pngVenganza Espirito

Warrior.png W O O K I E

Faction (Luxon).pngLuxon

Braveheart World Xi Alliance
Leader Braveheart World Xi
Members La Lumiere De L EpsyloneThe Acid Snake • The Nefarious Nemesis • Angel Of The Phalanstery • Spirit Of Faith • Mend Body And Mizze • Ancient Shinobi Imperial ArmyBack With A VengeanceThe Legendary Revolution