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Reigen Akki [Akki]

Reigen Akki [Akki]
Guild Reigen Akki Cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members ~40
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle, fully equipped
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage Reigen Akki site


  • Reigen Akki (Japanese for Heartless Demon) was created by Aeris Sanscoeur on May 19, 2005. When Factions was released, the guild joined the [ODIN] alliance, then later led their own alliance, which disbanded on May 26, 2007 and reformed as the Grenths Rejects [GR] alliance.
  • The guild is currently led by Z Archangel Michael and is a member of the Grenths Rejects [GR] alliance.

Our Mission

The mission of this guild is to create a fun family environment for guildies to enjoy the game, make long term friends, and eat many chocolates.


Akki is recruiting fun, friendly, active PvErs who are looking for a fun Guild Wars experience. Please use the contact info listed below if interested.

Contact Us


Z Archangel Michael


Aeris Sanscoeur
Eviscireal Chan
Altair Aldebaran
Natas Redrum
Caladus The Thracin
Atrox Monachus

Guild Website

Grenths Rejects Alliance
Leader Grenths Rejects
Members Aequitas DeisBrotherhood Of Ascension • Demon Mode • Legendary Masters Of The North • Reigen AkkiTeam Asshat • Twenty Gold For Mountain Troll