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Brotherhood Of Ascension [BoA]

Brotherhood Of Ascension [BoA]
Guild Brotherhood Of Ascension cape.jpg
Years active 6+
Territory America
Language English
Leader Night Silhouette
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 11
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation - Fully Equiped
VoIP Ventrilio
Webpage Brotherhood of Ascension

Guild History

  • The Guild was created in December of 2006, we do not know the official date the guild was created, or for what reasons, as the orginal leader left about 2 - 3 months after its creation, but the Former leader, took leadership around feb. 2007 and has lead the guild, With the Help of her Council of Knights, and since her leaving, the Current leader has honored the way the guild was designed, and still rely's on his Knights to maintain order and balance within the guild. In almost 5 to 6 Years the guild has been around in the GW world, we have taken the Halls of Heroes, and have climbed the GvG ladder (before the monthly GvG tourneys) to the rank of 400. Along with doing Various PvE Events such as doing Elite Challenge missions, Guild Wars Beyond Quest Lines (War in Kryta, Winds of Change), Random VQ's, HoM Achievments, and other Various PvE Aspects.

Guild Intrests

  • Guild Events:
    • On our site, we set up what we call "Guild Events", they are displayed by a Event Calander, and we usually set up events around the needs of the members of the guild, as stated in our type of guild, we do about anything, to farming green items, or just achieving titles, all you need to do, is post in the forums, and we will make it an event, and try to get the guild (or alliance) involved.
      • Events can be made by ANY member of the Guild, but will be led by the High Council or the Council under directions from the Event Creator, Event leaders will be Asigned by the High Council.

(Heroes are great, but they dont talk, we will ALWAYS choose Players over Heroes)

  • PvP Guild Events:
    • Alliance Battles: (Groups of 4, if more then 4 are involved, 2 or More groups will be made and Synced)
      • Factions Based PvP
    • Jade Quarry: (Syncing Required)
      • Factions Based PvP
    • Fort Aspenwood: (Syncing Required)
      • Factions Based PvP
    • Heroes' Ascent:
      • We like to do HA as a Guild, a few of us are ranked, a few of us are working on getting ranked, a few of us just do it for the fun, if you choose to go to HA, ask the guild to see if anyone else is intrested before you start looking for Groups.(We do NOT require any members to be ranked, or force it to be achieved)
    • Random Arenas: (Syncing Required)
      • Few of us do this for the points, few of us do this for fun, or to test builds, Events may be set up around this, and in the case we fight against each other, be respectful and have fun.
    • Guild vs guild (GVG):
      • We will be getting back into this, once we have the players, and this will be just for fun, if we win or loose, the point is to show our Valor as a guild.
    • Scrimmage Matchs (XvX):
      • We will on occasion, do 1v1, or higher numbers just for fun, or to practice new builds, or do "Simulated" GvG's, in which people who know nothing about GvG's, can get a feel of what it is actually like (this would include everything that is in a real GvG)

Guild Objective

  • The main Goal of our guild, is to create frienships with the people and create a community in which all members can enjoy (be PvE, or PvP, or Social), we use Vent for EVERYTHING, even people who are in the guild, but not playing Guild Wars, will sometimes be on vent, and just talk and have fun with the rest of the members

Other Games

  • We all have other games that we play, but even so, all members are always invited to join us on our vent server, even if only to talk while they play another game. We do have plans to expand into Guild Wars 2, and we already have a good group of players that play on PS3.

Guild Hierarchy:

  • This will describe how the decisions in the guild are decided on

  • Guild Ranks
    • These are the set ranks in the guild

  • High Council
    • Leaders of the Brotherhood
    • Patriarch:
      • Leader of the Guild, They will oversee all activities of the guild, Maintain a close communication with The Council, The members, and Alliance. His word is final, and his decisions are made by the Advise of The High Council, Council of Knights, and the Words of his members.
    • Matriarch:
      • Founder of the Guild, setting the stones that paved the way for the Brotherhood, Also the Alliance Mediator, her word is just as much law as the Patriarch's, and Templars, and her Decisions are made by the advise of The High Council, Council of Knights, and the Words of her Members..
  • The Council
    • These are the select members, in which the High Council will call upon to help decide the decisions on the guild's direction, its members, who to promote, and other important matters
    • Templar Knight:
      • Gaurdians of the High Council, Nothing is said or done that they are not aware, Maintaining a close realtionship with the High Council, to help its direction of the Circle of Knights in the word of the High Council, They are the Heart of the guild, being the most Dedicated, Loyal, Honorable, and Respectful, they are the embodiment of the guilds code. Their Decisions are made by the advise of The High Council, and the words of the members.
    • Knight:
      • The knights main duty is to maintain order within the guild, and help the guild out with whatever they are capable of, they are also to be Mentors to the Squires and New Recruits.

  • Guild Members
    • The core members of the guild, they are the life of the guild
    • Squire:
      • This is a Future Knight, members who become squires will be trained by the Knights to become a Knight in the Council of the Brotherhood.
    • Guild Members:
      • These are the members of the guild, they hold no responsiablity except to honor the rules of the guild, and to maintain the enviroment in which the High Council and its Council of Knights decide.


We are not Openly Recruiting, We are a small guild, of strong members, we have endured, Battled, and stood next to each other over the last 6 years, and we will continue to be as strong, as a guild, a unit, and a brotherhood, untill future generations of the games we play.

if you are intrested in joining however, Feel free to talk to any member of the Councils.

Contact information

High Council of the Brotherhood

  • Patriarch: Night Silhouette
  • Matriarch: Mistress Tiamat

The Council of the Brotherhood

  • Templar Knights:
    • Muramasa Kototsu
    • Bloody Messs
  • Knights:
    • Arter

Perfectionists Cult Alliance
Leader Perfectionists Cult
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