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About Us
Scrambled Reinforcements sR
Guild Scrambled Reinforcements cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members Varied
VoIP Vent
Uncharted Isle
Services Added Costs
Xunlai Agent icon.png Xunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum
Dye Trader icon.png Dye Trader Yes 50Platinum
Material Trader icon.png Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rare Material Trader icon.png Rare Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rune Trader icon.png Rune Trader Yes 25Platinum
Scroll Trader icon.png Scroll Trader Yes 50Platinum
Skill Trainer icon.png Skill Trainer Yes 100Platinum
Priest of Balthazar icon.png Priest of Balthazar Yes 10Platinum
Merchant icon.png Merchant Yes 25Platinum
Weaponsmith icon.png Weaponsmith Yes 10Platinum
Guild Emblemer icon.png Guild Emblemer Yes 10Platinum
Canthan Ambassador icon.png Canthan Ambassador Yes 10Platinum
Festival Hat Keeper icon.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes 10Platinum

Scrambled Reinforcements [sR]

Flashback: A few friends started playing GW in 2006, we played PvE only but after making new characters and finishing the prophecies campain with all the classes available. We started to explore FoW, UW and Sorrow green farm parties. We got bored in PvE and started playing some PvP in the arena's first RA then move up to TA and HA. We even did GvG in those days :),with the release of FACTIONS we started playing pve again and finish the campain quickly with my guild(friends). Deleting some prophecies characters and started the same classes in Factions, then we went back to pvp again.Same story for the NIGHTFALL campain. We used our 2 free pvp slots for making a dervish and a paragon to unlock the skills. After this back to pvp we made some PvP guilds with Euro and US players. We played in our high and low ranked guilds, as long it was fun to play.

When not in PvE then in you can find [sR] players in RA or HA for some fun playing.

Our alliance wide calendar, showing events can be found here.

Cheerzzz Nick aka Rats.

Guild applicants

What are we looking for?

- Mature players.

- Ventrilo/Mic Required for team play and socializing.

- 2-Week forum posting inactivity rule (no in-game login requirement.).

- Versatile players: must have strengths in both PvE and PvP in any game.

- Patience: we are casual players that fluctuate on activity daily, and some members are new to the games we are playing.

- Commitment: the guild is not some "toy" that you play with when you feel like it; you join us to play with us, not to fulfill personal goals.

- Good Team Gamers: can support the team with more than just pure gaming skills; morale, focus, strategy, insight, and can pull his/her own weight.

- Real-Life Professionalism: has goals and responsibilities in RL, such as work/school/family.

- Unique Social Character: gets to know people and gets known by others.

PM me ign X Blood Bucket X

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The Alliance


Ave and TLS, two guilds have joined together in search for something more. We're not just waiting for GW2 to come out, we still like it here and want to expand this alliance with new friends who think alike.

Deis Iuvantibus Vincemus [Ave] "With the help of the Gods we will Conquer" [Greetings]

Ave was founded by Lady The Winter ( Rinus ) on 10 Aug 2006.

Ave is a Dutch speaking Guild with members from Belgium and The Netherlands.

PvX Title hunters > PvE we proudly can say; Masters of all > PvP is a good challenge and enjoy it alot.

Legendary Survivors [TLS]

TLS was founded by Monkey Xxx ( Mike ) on 15 Sept 2006, merged with [ZOO] on 3 Jan 2010.

TLS is an English speaking Guild of mostly European members.

PvE Title hunters > Legendary Survivor title was the inspiration for creating the guild > non-elitist and new player friendly.

The expanded Alliance;

Scrambled Reinforcements [sR]

sR was founded by X Blood Bucket X ( Nick ) on 21 04 2008, joined the Alliance on 10 03 2010.

sR is an English speaking Guild of mostly European members.

PvE all facets of the game. No speed clearing. PvP we hangout in RA HA JQ when the zquest give bonuses.

Division Of Hope [DoH]

DoH was founded by Sabrina The Avenger ( Sabrina ) on 27 Feb 2010, joined the Alliance on 08 03 2010.

English speaking guild, with members all over Europe.

Good honest experienced players.

Bog Honor Ojczyzna Is [Back]

Back was founded by Lord Lemartes ( Lem ) on 03 July 2009, however it's the second "version" of old guild named Bog Honor Ojczyzna [StS], which was created on 25 January 2007.

Joined the Alliance on 05 03 2010.

Back is an English speaking Guild of mostly Polish members.

PvX Title hunters, we enjoy PvE mostly, but PvP is our second name. :)

We Rule The Cosmos [xXx]

xXx was founded Rivy Th Neophyte ( Jocke ) on 14th Dec 2008

xXx is an English speaking Guild of mostly European members.

Kind of a new guild> doing alot of PvP>HA>AB>RA. Will start on GvG's later, everything needs to be prepared first.

Excellent officers and members with fair thoughts making the guild friendly.

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The Alliance ways of doing

Rules are described in just 2 words > Common Sense.

Democracy > In this alliance, every guild gets 1 vote.

Harmony > The alliance isn't just Ave + TLS, we'll all be a part of the alliance and every guild will share the responsibility.

( Common Sense info )

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New Alliance applicants

The alliance is looking for Active European guilds with a rich XP history.

Average age members 18+ leader 25+.

Good sense of humour and a great community spirit.

Leave a PM here or whisper in game to Lady The Winter, Gawain An Tara, Forest Lotus, Monkey Xxx, Katya Lifekeeper, Deidre Of Utrecht, Sabrina The Avenger, Lord Lemartes, Rivy Th Neophyte, X Blood Bucket X .... and we'll arrange a meeting.

Deis Iuvantibus Vincemus Alliance
Leader Deis Iuvantibus Vincemus
Members Legendary SurvivorsMystic SpiralWe Rule The CosmosScrambled Reinforcements • De Pantoffelhelden • Port Sledge Snow ConesThe Dragon Guild From HellThe Nights Watch