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Team Nadesico [MiYu]
Guild Team Nadesico Cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Faction (Kurzick).jpg Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 85
Guild Hall Burning Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage Team Nadesico
Time zone EST

Team Nadesico [MiYu]


Team Nadesico has reformed. All memebers of [MiYu] are welcome to join our new guild, Our Guild Leader is Afk and all those who wish to join [MiYu] should contact [HSTL] instead.

Team Nadesico [MiYu] (pronounced nah-DES-coh) is a Guild Wars Kurzick-allied guild with 80+ members and 5 officers led by The Lady Hostile. The guild has over 1.5 million alliance faction and is active in both PvE and PvP gameplay. The members participate in Alliance Battles almost every night and join weekend bonus events. Team Nadesico's guild hall is located at Burning Isle, and events are held there nearly every week. With regular cape design contests, the cape is constantly changing.

Guildmates are frequently found farming together and solo, running, capping, title chasing, and doing campaigns. Due to the success of MiYu’s officers, they now have a full hall and friendly, fun, and helpful members. Team Nadesico does PvP more often now, including nightly ZE runs and AB in addition to frequent TA and RA tournaments. A GvG team is in the process of forming successfully, and the website is up and running.

Available Guild Hall Services

Located in Burning Isle
Services Availability
Platinum.png Xunlai Agent Available
Green Dye.png Dye Trader Available
Wood Plank.png Crafting Material Trader Available
Jadeite Shard.png Rare Material Trader Available
Rune Vigor Sup.png Rune Trader Available
Passage Scroll.png Scroll Trader Available
Any-tango-icon-20.png Skill Trainer Available
Flame of Balthazar.png Priest of Balthazar Available
Identification Kit.png Merchant Available
Guildwiki-icon-small.png Weaponsmith Available
User People of Antioch sig.png Guild Emblemer Available
Celestial Sigil.png Canthan Ambassador Available
Snowman Summoner.png Festival Hat Keeper Available


Team Nadesico [MiYu] was founded by Yamato Nadesico on 2/24/2006. The Lady Hostile, nicknamed Hostile, the current Guild Leader, joined on 3/23/2006. The guild started out as character-advancing PvE. It died after about 6 months because the former leader had other real-life priorities. Hostile was then auto-designated as Guild Leader. Only one member of the original few who joined remains. In April of 2007, The Lady Hostile began expanding the guild. The expansion of 90 members left them with nearly 70 weekly active members, some of which are still around to this day.

As of 9/17/2006, Team Nadesico formed an alliance with the infamous Gods of Deaths Sanctuary [GODS]. The alliance grew rapidly, until it finally fell apart.

As of 9/29/2008, Team Nadesico split from its former alliance and formed a new one with Through The Eyes Of The Dragon [eyes]. With over 1.5 million Kurzick Faction, the new alliance is still a PvX-based success.

As of 5/08/2009, Team Nadesico has reformed a new guild, Our Guild Leader Is Afk [HSTL]. However, Team Nadesico will not disband because it is still Yamato Nadesico's guild, therefore, it will remain a guild for when Yamato returns.

The Wiki page for [HSTL] can be found here.

Guild Website

Current Website: REMOVED

Old Webpage:

Player Rules

Guild Rules:

1. Every member is required to know these rules and the leader and officers will keep them implemented. Ignorance is not a valid excuse; members are expected to know every law the guild has, and if one is broken, they will be dealt with.

2. Under NO circumstances shall there be any hateful or slanderous remarks, or any form of offensive language used in any guild-related areas whatsoever. This includes any personal opinions regarding sexuality, religion or race (or any other sensitive topics) and includes profanity and name-calling.

3. No member of the guild should ever be harassed in any way by another member of the guild (this rule simply states that we should all get along).

4. Spamming will not be tolerated! If you want to sell, buy or get help with the game, ask. Once! If no response, that means no one has or wants what you need or people are busy at the moment. You may ask again later -- just do not spam. Remember, if you help others you are more likely to receive help when you need it. You are always free to pm officers who will try to help you when they are available. Should you have a problem as a result of someone not following these rules, there are 2 options: pm the person to remind them of the rules and/or pm an available officer or leader.

5. Guild members please do NOT ask superiors for promotions. If one should wish to become an officer, see officer requirements; be sure you meet the criteria before stating interest in a promotion. And have your resume ready!

6. Guild members who remain inactive for 1 month will be removed from the guild unless they have arranged with the guild leader a reason for such a prolonged absence. This is not meant to be mean but the guild does have a set member limit and as we grow it becomes harder to leave inactive members on the guild roster. If you should get booted from the guild due to lack of activity and then come back to find that you are guildless please ask one of the officers or leader to re-invite you if you wish to come back.

Alliance(eyes) Rules*:

1. Respect - Everyone here plays this game for a good time, disrespecting people typically ruins their good time. No one is more important than any other person here.

2. Friendliness - This is a very important rule for our guild. Alot of us consider each other as friends. examples of friendliness are: saying hello to members or allies that log on, saying goodbye or goodnight to members or allies that log off, welcoming new members or allies when they are recruited. All of these are simple ways to show we are friendly.

3. Activity - There is a 2 week rule here. If you do not log on for 2 weeks and did not talk to me or an officer about the reason for your absense, we will decide that you are no longer playing.

4. Alliance Chat - There is to be no swearing at all in alliance chat. Also no lude or vulgar topics of discussion. Guild chat is more open...however do not speak about anything that could possibly offend someone in any open channel chat.

5. Faction - There is no daily faction req in [eyes], however, we are a kurzick guild and it shows our dedication to our guild, alliance, and each other if we do donate faction when we can.

6. Contests, Tournaments, and Events - We try to have several events throughout the week. Some of them are for all allies, and some are for [eyes] members only. Each event will have it's own set of rules and prizes. All contest, tournament, and event rules must be adhered to in order for you to participate.

*Taken off the website located here.

Contact information



In game: Sister Hostile

Through The Eyes Of The Dragon Alliance
Leader Through The Eyes Of The Dragon
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