If It Weren't for Bad Luck....

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If It Weren't for Bad Luck....
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Infortunatos Maxeles
in Leviathan Pits
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest
If It Weren't for Bad Luck.... map.jpg
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Help the luck-deprived Maxeles redeem himself to Albax.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find the saltspray dragon Albax and return his scale.
  • See Infortunatos Maxeles for your reward.



Completing this quest is quicker if coming from Seafarer's Rest instead of Leviathan Pits outpost. There are about 3 groups to fight before reaching Albax by himself.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Infortunatos Maxeles
"Well met, hero. I was something of a hero myself, once. A Luxon Deep Ranger of the Serpent Clan. From the Echovald to the Jade Sea, I wandered, seeking treasure and adventure. My caravan was never poor, and gold was always near at hand. Then one day, I spotted a drake. So I ordered my men to attack it and take one of those glittering scales as a trophy. I was sure it would make me a bit of gold, and thought nothing of it...until the bad luck set in: My men died at the hands of Kurzick raiders, who left me alive to tell the tale. All of my trade agreements fell apart, for one reason or another. My home was overrun with Naga. My wife left me for a stronger Luxon. And now, my last coin has been stolen by cut-rate thieves. I can only surmise that it was no drake at all...it must have been Albax, the legendary Saltspray Dragon of Good Fortune! His ill will is the only explanation for this turn of events.
"As you can see, I still wear this Shimmering Scale Necklace around my neck. I had hoped it would bring me luck, but all the luck it's brought me is bad. Help an old man out, would you, <Character name>? I don't have the strength to track down Albax anymore, but maybe if you returned this Shimmering Scale Necklace to him, my bad luck would finally change. Last I heard, he was seen roaming the Silent Surf."
Yes Accept: "THE Albax? How can I refuse?"
No Decline: "I feel unlucky just talking to you. Find someone else."
Ask Ask: "Return the Shimmering Scale Necklace to Albax the Saltspray Dragon. He should be somewhere in Silent Surf."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"You are bold to approach me thus, <Character name>. Most of my kin were corrupted by the Jade Wind two hundred years ago. Yet only I remain, the sole living incarnation of good fortune in all the land, and I will not harm you. I thank you for the return of this scale. Your courage inspires even my ancient heart. You may return to Infortunatos Maxeles, and tell him I have lifted my curse...but he should not risk my disfavor again."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Infortunatos Maxeles
"I think my cough is getting better, and...why, is that a gold piece in my pocket? I thought I was broke! Thank you, <Character name>, I do believe my luck has returned. From now on, you can call me Fortunatos Maxeles!"