Koren Wildrunner

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Koren Wildrunner
Malla Arrowmane.jpg
Affiliation Modniir
Type Centaur (boss)
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 24 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
Koren Wildrunner map.jpg
Location of Koren Wildrunner

Beware! Koren Wildrunner and his Centaur pride have been sighted travelling in the Drakkar Lake area. Be on watch for this marauding Modniir, as he will attack without warning. Koren and his pride prowl the region, seeking to waylay those unable to defend themselves.

Notorious Foe: Koren Wildrunner

Koren Wildrunner is a Modniir boss in Drakkar Lake.



Quests involved in:


20 Marksmanship in Hard mode

Items dropped[edit]


  • Often he is found in one of the patrol groups that go either clockwise or counterclockwise around the lake instead of staying in one place.
  • Sometimes, Koren and his group will be killed by other monsters in the area, making it seem as if they never spawned. This will not update the quest.