Outcasts in the Quarry

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Outcasts in the Quarry
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Rixonon
in Leviathan Pits
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest
Outcasts in the Quarry map.jpg
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Patrol the jade quarry in Rhea's Crater and clear it of any Outcast raiders that you find.

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak with Rixor.
  • Speak with Rion.
  • Clear the Jade Quarry of all Outcast raiders. You have [5...0] groups remaining.
  • See Great Reaver Rixor for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]

Bug Bug.While this quest is active, two additional groups of Outcasts will spawn in areas unreachable by foot in Unwaking Waters (even though none of the quest objectives take place there): one on the path traversed during the mission, the other inside the Kurzick outpost.


After receiving the quest from Rixonon, map to Seafarer's Rest and speak to Rixor, then exit via the northeastern portal into Rhea's Crater where the jade quarry is located. Rion is standing just outside along with his party: Khim, Ting and Hannai.

After you have spoken to Rion, the quest pointer will be updated to indicate the first Outcast group you must find and defeat. Simply follow your quest pointer to each of the five groups and eliminate them all, but be wary of overlapping patrol routes. It can be helpful to stay back and observe the movements of hostile groups before attacking, luring single groups towards the party whenever possible.

Once complete, return to Seafarer's Rest and collect your reward from Rixor.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"As if the potential threat of Kurzick attack was not a daily concern, we now find ourselves under attack by the Luxon Outcasts! They are reavers who dug too deeply into the Jade Sea, and have gone mad. Now they tear our men apart and take the jade themselves. It is all we can do to keep them at bay, and while we do that, no mining is getting done at all. I just hired some others, they are on their way, but I am sure they could use your help. Speak with my father, Great Reaver Rixor of the Crab Clan, if you wish to aid us. You will find him in Seafarer's Rest. The Luxon Outcasts must be stopped!"
Yes Accept: "Violent, crazy Luxons? Sounds like my kind of fight!"
No Decline: "You really need to work on your sales pitch. Ask someone else."
Ask Ask: "My father, Great Reaver Rixor, is in Seafarer's Rest. Why do you delay?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Great Reaver Rixor
"Ah! It looks like my otherwise worthless son has found another hire! I hope you brought your luck with you...these Outcasts are growing more destructive by the minute. They cannot possibly kill us all, they fight like animals and know nothing of strategy or tactics...but they aren't letting us work! Rion is overseeing our countermeasures. Speak to him, and by Balthazar's blade, end this soon, <Character name>. We need to mine that jade!"


"These Outcasts just won't stop coming at us, it's like there's an unlimited supply! Rixor told us this was going to be an easy job...we planned for an easy job...but no one ever sticks to the plan, eh? Well, now that you're here we can put a stop to this. Let's take the fight to them!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Great Reaver Rixor
"As the Luxon proverb goes, "A strong offense is the strongest defense." You are strong indeed, <Character name>. The Crab Clan is in your debt."


  • Note that although Rion's group will follow the party and fight any creatures, they do not join the party as allies, and it is not necessary for any of them to survive to complete the quest. That said, their assistance can complete fights more quickly, and Ting uses his healing spells on the party.
  • Note at each checkpoint, there are two or three groups. For the quest to complete, you may not need to kill all the groups, sometimes one group is sufficient.