Saltspray Beach (Luxon)

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Disambig icon.pngThis is a luxon outpost entry. For information on the mission, see Saltspray Beach. For information on the kurzick outpost, see Saltspray Beach (Kurzick).
Saltspray Beach (Luxon)
Campaign Factions
Region The Jade Sea
Type Arena outpost
Party size 4
Exit(s) None

Saltspray Beach is one of five outposts used for entering Alliance battles from the Luxon side. It has the same appearance as the Luxon base in battle.

Getting there[edit]

Speak to a Luxon Navigator at a Luxon guild hall when the Kurzick-Luxon border is between Kurzick and Luxon territory.



Other allies[edit]

Alliance Battle maps
The Ancestral Lands (K/L) • Grenz Frontier (K/L) • Saltspray Beach (K/L) • Etnaran Keys (K/L) • Kaanai Canyon (K/L)