Scrap of Parchment

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Scrap of Parchment
Scrap of Parchment.jpg
Type Interactive object
Campaign Eye of the North

Scraps of Parchment tell players who provides the access quest for dungeons.



Bogroot Growths

Wanted: Yellow Ohpil[sic]. DEAD! See Griff in Sparkfly Swamp.

Darkrime Delves

I, Einarr Frostcleft, claim this fight! I have found the beast! I go to the entrance to gather witnesses.

Sepulchre of Dragrimmar

This place is a labyrinth! If you dare venture in, find me first and I will reward you. - Remlok, Outrunner to Drakkar lake.

Shards of Orr

*Journal of Shandra, Queen of Fools crewmember* "Today we entered Arbor Bay. The crew is restless, and I do not trust the first mate."