The Deserters

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The Deserters
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Master Saberlin
in Beacon's Perch
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Hungry Devourer
Type Secondary quest
The Deserters map.jpg
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Join with the heroes from Ascalon to clear up some deserters that have made off with supplies.

Quest information[edit]



  • Find the deserters in Deldrimor Bowl.
  • Take word to Master Saberlin in Beacon's Perch that the supplies have been recovered.



Join with Cynn and company outside Beacon's Perch. Journey straight north, eventually passing the exit to Anvil Rock. Turn west when you must, and you will find the deserters. As they are all level 7, and may have lost members fighting wildlife, it's an easy fight. Map back to Beacon's Perch for your reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Master Saberlin
"A small group of former soldiers have deserted us after the death of Prince Rurik. Normally I could forgive such a transgression in the face of all that we have endured, but they have taken the majority of our supplies with them and headed north into the hills of Deldrimor Bowl. We believe they are making their way towards Ice Tooth Cave. With supplies already short, there is no way that our people will make it through the mountains to Kryta without the stolen supplies. It is critical that we retrieve the supplies and bring to justice these deserters who would condemn their people to death!
It is a grim thing I ask of you, <Character name>, but it must be done. Can you find these deserters and bring back the supplies they have stolen?"
Yes Accept: "Those deserters will pay!"
No Decline: "You're on your own."
Ask Ask: "Those deserters were heading north up through Deldrimor Bowl toward Ice Tooth Cave. Bring them to justice and secure the stolen supplies."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

On meeting up with Devona:

Devona: "So Saberlin recruited you as well, <Party leader>? Good, we need to deal with these deserters as quickly as possible before word reaches the people and causes any more strife. You lead the way and we'll watch your back."

On killing all deserters:

Devona: "That's the last of them. Return to Master Saberlin and inform him of our victory. Cynn, Mhenlo, and I will make certain the supplies get back to Beacon's Perch."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Master Saberlin
"You have saved many lives this day, <Character name>. All of Ascalon is once again in your debt. We still have a hard road ahead of us, but now we march toward a new life in Kryta."