Hungry Devourer

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Hungry Devourer
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Master Saberlin
in Beacon's Perch
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Followed by The Deserters
Type Secondary quest
Hungry Devourer map.jpg
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Hunt for Succulent Junipers to feed Old Mac's pet Devourer, Joe.

Quest information[edit]





Head out from the outpost, talk to Old Mac, and then follow the path to where the plants are. There are some Centaur patrols to clear out first, but once that's done, the Succulent Junipers are easy kills. Then just feed Joe and go speak to Old Mac again.

  • Try killing most of the Centaurs first before you get Joe. This way the only enemies that can endanger Joe are the Succulent Junipers which aren't much of a challenge.
  • You can also kill the Succulent Junipers, pick up the Succulent Juniper Meat and take it back to Joe. Click on Joe and that will feed him all he needs as long as you pick up 10 pieces.
  • If Joe gets killed, don't panic. Pick up all 10 Succulent Juniper Meats and map-travel back to Beacon's Perch. Since you'll need to talk to Old Mac to continue the quest anyways, feeding Joe the Succulent Juniper Meat here doesn't slow you down any.








Initial dialogue[edit]

Master Saberlin
"We are short on every major supply and to make matters worse, that damnable pet of Old Mac's is eating what remains of our meat. See if you can talk to the man and find some way to feed his pet without sacrificing our remaining food stores. I've tried myself and his pet almost ate me! Mac is on guard duty just outside Beacon's Perch in Deldrimor Bowl.
Can you help me out with this?"
Yes Accept: "I'll speak with Mac."
No Decline: "You're on your own."
Ask Ask: "Please try to reason with Old Mac. You can find him on watch just outside of Beacon's Perch near the entrance to Deldrimor Bowl."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Old Mac
"I know that Joe here can be a bit of a glutton but it isn't his fault! He's a growing young Devourer and he's got to keep his strength up if he's to help me defend things around here. His favorite food is those Succulent Junipers that grow north of here, but I can't take him to go get them since I'm on duty.
Would you help me out and go take Joe foraging with you? If you feed him about 10 of the Succulent Juniper Meats that should keep him content for a long while."

Joe (when you feed him Succulent Juniper Meats)

"Crunch. Crunch. Crunch."
Old Mac
"There's a good lad Joe, all full? Thank you for taking such good care of Joe, <Character Name>. You go tell Master Saberlin that he doesn't have to worry about Joe any longer."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Master Saberlin
"So you're sure that devourer is sated? Well then, good work, <Character Name>. That should help our food situation a bit. I hate to say it, but it helps having that creature around; we haven't had an Ettin attack in days."


  • There are two spawn locations for the Junipers, noted on the map. Typically you need only one in order to complete the quest and if Joe gets stuck on a tree you won't see the second location until you find him and feed him.
  • This quest is useful for farming Alpine Seeds. After initiating the first time, avoid speaking to Joe or Old Mac when you rezone.
Bug Bug.Joe sometimes becomes stuck between two small trees
Anomaly Anomaly.If you have more then 10 pieces of meat in your inventory, and then feed Joe, he will take all of the pieces of meat from your inventory.
Anomaly Anomaly.After feeding Joe the 10 pieces of meat, if you leave the instance before talking to Old Mac he will not continue with his dialogue. However the quest will update allowing you to talk to Master Saberlin to collect your reward.