The Dragon Hunter

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The Dragon Hunter
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Turimachus
in Leviathan Pits
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest
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Distract some Saltspray Dragons, so that Turimachus can collect one of their dragon eggs.

Quest information[edit]




Start from the Leviathan Pits and head into Silent Surf, where you will find Turimachus waiting just outside the outpost. As you walk near him, the quest will update and point to the location where you can find the dragon eggs. Turimachus will join your party as an ally. Should Turimachus die, you will need to map back to an outpost and restart the quest.

Head south through Silent Surf to the location of the dragon eggs. As you approach, make sure that the area around the objective is clear of other creatures to avoid any aggro problems when the dragons spawn.

As you approach the quest marker, a group of 5 Saltspray Dragons will popup and 9-10 Saltspray Dragon Eggs will drop on the ground. Pay close attention to Turimachus here. When he has spoken his dialogue, he will rush into the dragon group to pick up an egg, and if successful, he'll run off north with his prize. However, he will be under attack from the dragons while doing this, so make sure he's well protected and healed.

If Turimachus gets away safely with an egg, the quest will update and become completed. At this point, map back to the Leviathan Pits to collect your reward.

Another option for completing this quest is going to the nest (carefully avoiding Turimachus so the log will not trigger, or entering from Seafarer's Rest), clearing out all enemies along the way. Then, return to Turimachus and simply escort him to the nest, so he won't die. You'll only have to worry about the many dragons that spawn upon his arrival, but he should be okay.

It should be noted that Turimachus can be killed by other patrolling enemies as he attempts to escape with the Dragon Eggs, so clear out any nearby enemies. However, once your quest log has been updated with "See Turimachus for your reward", you should be able to map back to Leviathan Pits and meet him inside, whether or not he gets killed while escaping with the egg.



Human (Luxon)


Initial dialogue[edit]


"I have a bit of a problem and I wonder, could help me? Let me introduce myself. I am Turimachus. Yes, that Turimachus, known by many on the Jade Sea as the Dragon Hunter. I've been studying the Dragons of the Jade Sea since the day I could walk. People might think that they're dangerous and bloodthirsty, but I just love the little beauties. And fascinating? You bet! For example, dragons are excellent parents, which contradicts the classical depictions of these magnificent creatures. They are incredibly protective of their eggs, particularly the saltspray varieties that live out in Silent Surf. That's where I could use your help. If you could get me close to a clutch of Saltspray Dragon eggs, perhaps even offer something of a distraction, I'm sure I could gather one using extreme caution. Just meet me out in Silent Surf and we can get hunting!"
Yes Accept: "I'll see you at the rendezvous point."
No Decline: "Find another piece of dragon-bait, friend."
Ask Ask: "When you're ready to go, meet me in Silent Surf and I...that is, we...can retrieve those Saltspray Dragon Eggs!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Outside Leviathan Pits


"You go ahead and lead they way, I'll follow you. When we get near the eggs I'll take over. Trust me."

When you find dragon eggs


"There's a nice clutch of eggs. Follow me and watch out for those Dragons. They're looking a bit...agitated."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"This egg's one beauty of a specimen! Thank you for all your help...this is definitely the ultimate study aid, eh?"


  • Party members cannot pick up any of the Saltspray Dragon Eggs; you're only there to distract the dragons.
  • You can complete the quest by following Turimachus when he runs back towards Leviathan Pits. Talk to him when there are no monsters around to collect the reward without going to Leviathan Pits.
  • If you encounter enemies on the way back to Leviathan Pits, Turimachus will drop his egg in order to fight. Despite not picking it back up, the quest still completes.