The Hot Springs Murders

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The Hot Springs Murders
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Inspector Caleb
in Nebo Terrace
Type Secondary quest
The Hot Springs Murders map.jpg
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Two Lionguard have been found slain and all evidence points to the Shining Blade as the culprits; but Krytan witnesses aren't talking. The player is asked by Inspector Caleb to help investigate a murder by traveling to Bergen Hot Springs and obtaining written testimonies from witnesses in the outpost.

Quest information[edit]




To complete the quest, simply follow the quest marker to the outpost Bergen Hot Springs and speak with each witness. Return to Inspector Caleb in Nebo Village, then speak with Inquisitor Gilead to receive the reward.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Inspector Caleb
"I have a matter that I need some discreet help with. Three days ago in Bergen Hot Springs, two members of the Lionguard were brutally slain. Initial evidence suggests that it was the work of the Shining Blade, but something strange is going on. There were four witnesses but none of them would speak with me when I interviewed them. I believe that at least one of them might be willing to talk to someone who is a little less "official." An outsider, so to speak. I would be grateful if you would travel to Bergen and obtain written testimonies from the four witnesses.
Will you help me?"
Yes Accept: "I would be glad to help."
No Decline: "This isn't my problem."
Ask Ask: "Start the investigation by obtaining a written testimony from Andar D'Leod. [sic] He is located in Bergen Hot Springs."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Bergen Hot Springs[edit]

Andar D'leod
"Why would I speak with someone like you? This is a Krytan matter, and I'll not speak to a foreigner about it. You can deliver that message to your Inspector Caleb if you like."
Dannel Smythe
"Who sent you? I've already told Caleb that I didn't see anything or anyone. All I know is I was standing here minding my own business when I heard a shriek. I looked up, and I saw the two Lionguard lying in a pool of blood. Why don't you ask that Ascalon woman if she saw anything, because I didn't see anyone and definitely not any... I just didn't see anything. That's all I have to say."
Penelope Randell
"It's good to see a friendly face. I didn't want to speak to that inspector because I wasn't sure about speaking to a Krytan. I came to the springs to get water to take back to the Settlement when I saw the two Lionguard arguing with several of those White Mantle soldiers. Things were getting pretty heated when the Mantle said something about "righteous judgment" coming for the Lionguard just like all the other infidels. I left at that point to take care of some other business, but then later, when I heard that the Lionguard were found dead, I just knew it had to be the Mantle."
Layman Josef
"I'll tell you what happened alright! It was the Shining Blade. Those murderers were trying to extort protection fees from the merchants here when the Lionguard showed up and tried to arrest them. Those Shining Blade murderers just cut them down without thinking twice about it. That's the truth."

Nebo Village[edit]

Inspector Caleb
"Ah you're back...well...I...I have been...replaced as the investigator on this matter. You should speak with Inquisitor Gilead. He's in charge now."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Inquisitor Gilead
"I'll take those papers from you. Thank you for your help. The Lionguard is obviously undermanned, so the White Mantle will be taking over the investigation. Your service to the people of Kryta has been noted."


  • Following the quest Mustering a Response, Nebo Village will be cleared of its residents, causing the player to be unable to complete the quest until The War in Kryta is further completed.