The Madness of Prophecy

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The Madness of Prophecy
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Kachok
in Holdings of Chokhin
Preceded by Pledge of the Merchant Princes
Followed by The Search for Enlightenment
Type Secondary quest

Track down Hanbahd the Anchorite and discover what he knows about the hidden temple and scriptures.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find Hanbahd the Anchorite in the Mirror of Lyss.
  • Protect Hanbahd the Anchorite from the attacking Margonites.
  • Hanbahd has fled to the Halls of Chokhin. Locate him, and find out what he knows about the ancient temple site.



Hanbahd can be found in the Mirror of Lyss a little to the east of the Kodash Bazaar.

The party's arrival at Hanbahd will trigger several waves of Margonite attacks, consisting of 2 or 4 creatures, that will try to kill Hanbahd. The party must keep Hanbahd alive to continue the quest. Once saved, Hanbahd will run off towards Mihanu Township, telling the players to follow and find him in the Halls of Chokhin. At this point, it's probably quickest to map to Mihanu Township and continue on into the Holdings of Chokhin.

Outside, follow the narrow passage on the south edge of the Holdings of Chokhin, to find Hanbahd at the end with your quest reward.




Demons (Margonites)


Initial dialogue[edit]

"According to legend, there was a temple to the north that held great secrets. We do know that before the temple was leveled, a Monk in a fit of religious ecstasy stole scriptures and escaped. If we knew the resting place of that Monk, we could possess the knowledge of those scriptures!"
"Some years back, one of our ranks, Hanbahd, left us to study on his own. He fancies himself a prophet, but I say he's a loony. Either way, we need to find him. I hear he may have traveled a bit to the south to the Mirror of Lyss."
Yes Accept: "Those scriptures could provide great insight. I will help you."
No Decline: "Find someone else to go on your vision quest."
Ask Ask: "Hanbahd can't be too far. We occasionally see him skulking around in the Mirror of Lyss. He'll know far more about that temple and the scriptures than we do."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

After defeating the Margonites
Hanbahd the Anchorite: "No time to talk! I must leave before more beasts come after me! You can find me in the Halls of Chokhin."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Hanbahd the Anchorite
"Those beasts thought they could intimidate me into talking. Wrong they were! Only those who are worthy might bask in the glory of His touch. And I will protect His secrets to the death! His scriptures bring enlightenment; are you worthy of such? The resting place of the Lost Scriptures is holy ground and I will not let it be defiled by just anyone. If Tahlkora can trust you, then I can as well. Again I ask you, are you ready to embrace the gift of knowledge?"



  • The temple to the north mentioned by Hanbahd is the now inaccessible PvP area Ahmtur Arena.