The Sorceress of Kessex

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The Sorceress of Kessex
The Sorceress of Kessex.jpg
Affiliation Lunatic Court
Type Not specified
Service Travel NPC
Level(s) 20
Campaign Prophecies

The Sorceress of Kessex is a special event NPC that appears during Halloween and transports characters to the Scarred Psyche.



"There's a war on, didn't you notice? Not here in town, but in the Mad Realm. It's understandable if it escaped your attention; not everyone is so well attuned to the energies bubbling up from the spiritual plane. However, the commotion was enough to pull me from my work. A pity as I was just perfecting a potion to turn toads into ordinary humans. Cruel, I know, but it's all in the interest of science.

Anyway, Palawa Joko has reached his boiling point and taken an army to meet the Mad King's demented delegation. Supposedly, there is a score to settle over some insulting messenger who slaughtered a large number of Joko's minions. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

Messenger? Minions? Doesn't sound familiar...
"Regardless, the battle will happen, and it's imperative for our plans...rather, it's in everyone's best interest that Mad King Thorn win. Halloween must go forward. The Mad King's annual arrival must not be forestalled. It shouldn't be too hard; just you and a handful of candymen against an angry Palawa Joko, five of his greatest generals, several priests, and their bodyguards. I can make it worth your effort if you'll travel to the Mists and lead the defenders against this impulsive offensive. Are you available to lay some Awakened back to rest?"
Yes Accept: "I live for killing undead!"
No Decline: "I just met you, and this plan seems crazy. I don't like those numbers. I'll be back...maybe."