The Weaver of Nebo

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The Weaver of Nebo
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Jiaju Tai
in Lion's Arch
Type Secondary quest
Nebo Village map.jpg
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Talk to Etham the Artisan in Nebo Village.

Quest information[edit]




Nebo Village is a small settlement in the northwestern part of Nebo Terrace. Leave from Lions Arch or D'Alessio Seaboard and follow the quest marker across North Kryta Province to Nebo Terrace. The village is a short walk northwest. Alternatively, players may map travel to Bergen Hot Springs or Beetletun and walk to Nebo Village from there (see map). Talk to Etham to complete the quest.

Pair this quest with Blankets for the Settlers (from Captain Greywind in Ascalon Settlement); both quests require visiting the same person in Nebo Village.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Jiaju Tai

"What trouble these Krytans are! I went out of my way, a virtual act of charity you see, to support the poor craftsmen of Nebo Village. All I asked in return was some small quantity of linen to help me recover my expenses. I fulfilled my end of the bargain, but they repaid me with shoddy goods I cannot use and turned away the messenger I sent."
"I wonder if you would do me a favor and take word to Etham the Artisan. Let him know that I wish to be reasonable. Assure him that some accommodation can be reached if he only agrees to speak with me."
Yes Accept: "I'll talk to Etham the Artisan for you."
No Decline: "This is not my affair.""
Ask Ask: "I must thank you again for your assistance. This trouble with Etham the Artisan is but a small misunderstanding, I am sure. If you will go to Nebo Village and speak with him, I do not doubt that everything will be resolved."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Etham the Artisan:

"Jiaju Tai is a jackal. She lent us materials to rebuild our village after a bandit attack, but she required repayment too quickly, and each day she reckons our debt as higher than the last, so that we can never repay her.

I tell you, [Character Name], I shudder to think what her new demands will be. I will take this matter to the elders for consideration. In the meantime, perhaps you can help us by supporting our local artisans. If you have raw materials, I can craft something for you."