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General Information

  • Gender: Male.png
  • Age: Above average
  • Location: Between the Sun and the Moon


I started playing computer games back in grade school on the C64 when it had first come out (you can do the math to figure out how old I am...). I was also an avid AD&D player at the time. My favorite games back then were any of the original Ultima series (Ultima I-V), which I recall playing non-stop for several months during my freshman year in high school, plus a bunch of other RPGs that were available back then (of which I can't recall any of their names). Strangely enough, I stopped playing games after high school, and for the next 20 years played very little computer games except for the occasional FPS (Doom, Quake, Half-Life) and adventure game (Myst, Syberia, etc)- a strange mix considering the overall activity level and play-styles of these two genres are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. In March of 2008, I started thinking about trying out a fantasy RPG after reminiscing with a friend about playing Ultima in my youth, but was worried about the time investment I would have to make with a MMORPG (I have a job, a wife and 2 kids now as opposed to 20 years ago). Enter Guild Wars. The mix of being able to play on your own or with others at your own discretion is what sold me on GW when I was originally deciding on what game to try. So on March 16, 2008 I found myself in Old Ascalon for the first time and thus began a journey that continues still...


I play PvE exclusively. Have no interest in any forms of PvP... I think I tried FA once (or was it JQ? Does that even count as PvP?). Regardless, I enjoy the epic feel of PvE and enjoy playing through all of the content with various professions. I try to play through all the side quests and travel through all the explorables (even all those in Prophesies which are off the beaten path). I focus a lot of time on selecting nice-looking armor and weapon combos for my characters. I'm not a stickler for 100% efficiency- I play builds that are fun and easy. Due to time constraints, I usually play with full H/H parties except for guild outings on weekends. I don't care for things like farming, runs of any sort, speed clears, nor most xxxWAY gimmick builds, but hey to each their own. I am slowly advancing on a number of titles on my main. I'm currently an officer in a great guild- Pillars Of The Earth.

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