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So, you've come to see what a chosen one looks like eh? Well look no further cause it doesn't get any better then this. Yes, that's right, you have found the legendary chosen one, Articus The Chosen! You probably heard of me considering my name is spoken even in the most rural places of Tyria, Cantha, and Elona. Heck, even the Norn speak of me in good graces. So, allow me to introduce myself. I'm an adventurous and fun spirit. If I'm not out saving the world on a nightly basis, I'm sitting around the local hot spots chatting with people while having a nice, cool dwarven ale.

I've only been around for only a little while, a few months before the earthquakes happened and split open crevices that opened up new pathways, as well as new problems, to far shiverpeaks. But already I've made an impact on the world, good for those on my side, bad for those on the receiving end of my scythe. AH! How rude of me, I forgot to mention that I am a dervish, in good standing with the five gods, particularly with Dwayna. I've tried other professions. I was a decent monk...until I found out that the pressure was too much, would panic when health got low and used all the wrong healing spells. Then I tried my hand at being an assassin. It was good, for a time. It had its drawbacks though, especially elementalists, oh sure I could stop warriors and other melee troops in their tracks, but those magic casters would kill me faster then I could say "Shadow step". Then I found my true calling, dervish. Ah after that I felt right and its been good ever since.


Dleaf The Untamed

It didn't take me long to make friends in this friendly community. In fact I started out with one right away. My loyal and reliable friend, save for when he runs into groups of mobs now and then, Dleaf The Untamed. There's no better ranger out there then him and you can quote me on that! He's been by my side since day one and we've fought many great battles together. He's an explorer and even ventured to areas before me when I was trying to find my calling. He searched all over Elona for his vicious pet Scraps, a hyena, trying to find one that was worthy of his status and to be called his animal companion.

Takkun Ayanami

Now this is a small package that packs a bit punch. No seriously, Takkun Ayanami is really short, but the best monk you'll find in all the lands. If you want to go somewhere dangerous and not die, then Takkun is the one you take with you. Not only is this monk good at keep you alive, but also destructive when the time calls for it. With an arsenal of smiting prayers tucked under that small belt, you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that divine power. And if all that wasn't enough, Takkun will keep you laughing the whole time and keeps the party moral up!

Raiven Henn

Ahhh Henn, how do I describe this one? He's like a bad itch. HA! But seriously folks. Henn is helpful and always willing to converse and crack jokes in the alliance. If he's not cracking jokes and causing random silliness, which often drags me into it, he's out helping others in Tyria and Cantha, ever vigilant

Ryan Ph

Now Ryan IS like a bad itch! I kid folks, I kid. Ryan is a great fighter, although he spends too much time in his guild hall if you ask me, probably got that syndrome where he doesn't want to leave his home. But if you venture into his hall, be prepared to be challenged to a scrimmage and quite possibly defeated.

Goals and Closing[edit]

Well some of my goals, I've attained quite a few of them but there are a few more things that I would like. One is I would like to get myself a nice shiny set of obsidian armor. Another is to get a few more titles under my belt. I mean being a legendary chosen one is a great title and all but it doesn't hurt to have a few more under your belt. I would like to also take on the strongest and most elite areas in all the lands so if you're up for a tough and thrilling adventure then do not hesitate to ask me! Well this is all for now, I hope to see many new people in this world as I am happy to make new friends and take on challenges with them

In a nutshell about me[edit]

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