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Current Thought[edit]

Guild Wars is dead. At least when shadow form was still around People were actively farming. But now? What? Nothing. Theres nothing going on except the top few PvE guilds farming DoA. Thats it. Vlox's falls is dead. Kamadan is full of people selling, trying to cut their losses. This WiK thing was fun at first but now its the same deal. It got old quick.

Guild wars is dead. And Shadowform's re-work is to blame.


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"Maybe anet should just forget the whole War in Kryta thing and have Barney be the Mursaat Overlord if they feel that going in this direction is "freaking awesome"" - Alice.

"This battle is lost. Pling's proposal and Xeeron's recent unchallenged banspree basically gave all the sysops a carte blanche to ban anything and anyone at a whim. It no longer matters whether if KJ was trolling or not, but only if some sysop thought he did. Wanks! NuVII User NuclearVII signature 3.jpg"

"If you came across a group of Pegasi would it be a herd or a flock? - My brother"

Something I think is hilarious about the new skeletons in the underworld[edit]

Most of you by now have noticed and have discussed the additions of the so called "Skeletons of Dhuum" in the Underworld. I would like to share with you something I think is ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY hilarious about them. You will notice that their primary attacks, Bone-spike and flurry of splinters "Penetrate all defenses" Well there's just something I would like to say about that 100 damage that hits every 3 seconds or so (less if you're not a retard and know how to pull)

  • Perma-former-Minorly inconvienenced, Throw up shadow refuge and pull him to where he cant hit you and your set
  • 600 Tank-Have now been challenged. I'm a seasoned 600 veteran having maxed 3 titles on dungeon runs alone and I find these skeletons to be somewhat of a challenge. I can no longer skate through on Shield of Absorption alone. which is lame but not a big a deal. I just have to pay attention now I guess.
  • 55 tank-COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY FUCKED! The single MOST under-used tank in the underworld is the one that got nerfed. I rofl'd soooooooo goddam hard at this fact. I think its the funniest fucking thing to have ever hit the face of Guildwars. Well, second funniest, the funniest I think is that one boss. Spazz Mindrender. Rofl nice name. XD

Canada is boring[edit]

mike says:

whatcha doing

Tatsumi says:

nothing interesting right now

mike says:

why not

Tatsumi says:

nothing interesting to do

mike says:

why not

Tatsumi says:

cuz its canada?

mike says:


Some of my favorite edits[edit]














[14]+[15] Apparently its okay when a sysop posts email correspondence between themself and user, but not when a user posts correspondence between themself and a sysop. :)

[16] the day Jake said something that not only didn't make me want to strangle him, But I actually agreed with. AKA the day hell froze over.

User talk:Pling/Pruning "I hate drama so lets create a shit ton of it."




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People I like.[edit]

Favoritism is fun![edit]


GW Rights???[edit]

First things first, To all you people who say you have rights when you're playing GW. (keep in mind this is aimed at people playing on american servers). Your rights cannot infringe on other peoples rights. Thats the point of rights. Not to give you freedom to do w/e the hell you want. It is to protect people from assholes that have no idea how to stfu. On top of that, GW is not america. It is not japan. it is not korea or wherever the fuck your from. GW is Tyria. A private world made up by a private company. As such they can make whatever rules they want and implement them because they own the game and everything that goes on in the game. Stop being stupid. This section will grow as I find more idiots doing idiotic things to rant about.

Things that make Guildwars lame.[edit]

  • Grind. There is SO much freakin grind for like anything in this game. Everything is grind, grind, and more grind. Doing something over and over and over until you get whatever it is your after, be it title, item or rank.
  • Rank. Going to HA the only way for you to start doing it is to either start your own guild that does it for new kids on the block (which I did, and then promptly disbanded after hitting r5) or to PUG randomway groups and pray for a win. Which never comes because lets face it, Randomway fails. It fails hard. If your playing a r6+ randomway you MAY get past tombs. But its doubtful. Because randomway gets raped. There's no teamwork. Theres no cohesive build. And usually the monks suck. Randomway sucks, and therefore HA (or at least getting started on it) sucks.
  • Nerfs. I cant stand it when one of my favorite builds gets nerfed. It makes me wanna /wrists. QQ!
  • Content. And its not so much that the content thats IN the game is bad. The storyline, the missions, the areas, they're all pretty well thought out and designed. But once they're done, Why would you wanna do them again? Except to (point one)? There's no new content. There's never any new challenges or foes or areas or anything. It has been stagnant for a while now.
  • Drop system. I dont mean that drops are too low or anything like that. Drop rate is what makes special drops special. It's what seperates the cool gear from the common gear. It's what makes this Better than this. I dont mind that. What I do mind is how the game determines who gets what. I'll give an example. I've been farming Kathandrax for a long time now. I dont remember exactly when I discovered the emerald blade. or when I learned that it could only be gotten in the Catacombs of Kathandrax. But ever since I DID learn these facts I have been doing Kathanrax at least once a day every day (assuming I logged on that day). I have done Kathy so many times I'm pretty sure that I could program a bot to do it. And I know absolutely nothing about botting. This is of course to be taken as a metaphor, but the point is that I've done it so many times that It's starting to make my brain bleed just thinking about it. Getting to the point, a guildie of mine just got EotN recently and wanted to go with me on one of my runs. So I took her. Get to the end chest and what do I get? double gems. What does my guildie get? a q9 Emerald Blade and a q10 prot Astral Staff. How is that fair? how is that even somewhat close to right? This made me so mad I couldnt see straight for the next couple days. Its fucked up and needs to be reworked.
  • Dishonor. This system is a terrible system. If you report someone they report you back and you get dishonor for looking like a griefer. If you dont report them they they get away with whatever it is they're doing and continue to do it. Botting, leeching, griefing, spamming, All of this needs a rework. It sucks and has a nasty habit of rewarding the people that break the rules.
  • Skins. Mostly for Armor. There are so few choices. I mean, there's only so much you can do in this game. Only so many armor sets. And even if you do things like Combining Random pieces theres still so few choices that you just dont have much choice as to how to customize your Avatar. It gets really boring seeing every warrior in the entire game running around with Elite Glad top and a random set of a different bottom. Btw when you wars combine the elite glad top with a random bottom set like this or this you do NOT look good. You look like you shit your fucking pants. Grab some diapers and learn to create a cohesive wardrobe you fucking idiots.
  • Guild Management. You have to pay in game gold so people can join your guild. You have to pay in game gold to guest them to your own guildhall. Where the hell does that money go? who the hell uses it? And why does it work this way? You can waste shitloads of money trying to get a decent guild together because people just join up and leave in the same day. Its ridiculous and stupid.
  • Mobs: The main reason that any abusive build exists anywhere in the game. Because certain mobs have certain problematic skills that 100% MUST be countered. And mobs are always the exact same thing. Its 12 of the same enemies with the exact same bar all spamming their skills on the lowest AL/health target. Or They have inturupts and you cant squeeze of a single skill for the first 5 minutes of battle because everything your doing gets Cry'ed or Pblocked. Or enchantment removals. Which pretty much completely remove 3 play styles from the game for the duration of the fight (and remove dervishes from the game entirely). No matter where you go its the same. Theres something there that is incredibly overpowered and its in HUGE quantities and must be countered perfectly in order to be handled.
  • HardMode: People MIGHT like an extra challenge. What people will NEVER like is infusing the already either imba as hell mobs or weaker than hell mobs with steriods and making them impossible to damage without some gimmick work-around. For instance, earlier today, im playing an assassin with a mobieus blossom build, I have 14 in dagger and 13 in crit and am doing less than 20 damage with death blossom. Granted the damage is AoE but seriously. What the fuck?
  • Hero's: This is more a personal Quam than anything else. Guildwars has become so boring for me that i no longer desire to play at all. The only reason i still do is because it can be taken in good company with people you like to hang out and or chat with and guildwars is a nice atmosphere to do that. Or it was before hero's became so easily abusable.
  • Gimmick builds: You know, People would be more inclined to use their own profesion if abusing a secondary profession wasn't so Goddamned much more damned effective.
  • User Briar LolPvE(2).JPG - LolPvE
  • Books. The concept is great. Writing down a book and compounding the rewards? fuck yeah. Sign me up. Making the terrible title tracks in this game less terrible is a great idea. And I love it. What bites ass is the mother fucking cut off. And I'll tell ya why. So, I start NF on a new characther, And I'm trouncing my way through it, No problem. I get all the way through, and beat it. Then go back and get the last 3 missions I'm missing for those last 3 pages in my book. These extra missions are a pain in the ass because A) They were already annoying and difficult in the first place. And B) I didn't want to fucking do them. But I do them anyway. Kill a friends survivor by accident because this guy is so insanely imba in the process. and FINALLY after grinding out that last stupid, unnapealing, overly difficult mission, I race off to this asshole to get my reward. Only problem is, Guess what? Your not allowed to turn it in!!! At this point I go, "Excuse me?" I go to the other guy and try to turn it in there too. Nope. Not allowed. See, it turns out that when I finally completed Dasha Vestibule, I got master. And that masters in Dasha, gave me enough bonus points to get to 7,514 sunspear points. Thats 14 points into Rank 8 Sunspear. Four-Mother-Fucking-Teen Points And as you will notice if you read the respective pages, Once you hit rank 8 SS, Your no longer allowed to turn in your normal mode book! so not only am I not allowed to get rewards for normal mode now, Im not allowed any rewards for normal mode before I hit rank 8 either. So I killed 3 days of extra play time, in areas that I didn't want to be playing in, fighting things I didn't want to fight, And killing a friends survivor, For no reason at all. One great big giant waste of fucking time. Fuck you ANet.I'll probably rewrite this as soon as I figure out how to put this more eloquently, but right now I'm so pissed off that I can't see straight, let alone create a Logical argument

This section will expand as I find more things that suck.

Reasons why Obsidian armor Sucks balls[edit]

  • Ritualist Obsidian armor - I actually kinda like this one. I know alot of people say that the headpiece looks like a teapot but I think it fits very well into a well designed outfit. This is a +1 for outfit devs in my opinion. Its magnificent. Magestic even. Its the only Obby armor thats worth the price in my opinion. Gz anet for not being a complete failure for once.
  • Ranger Obsidian armor - It looks like this. Way to freakin plain. Totally bland and totally unimaginative. Also, where the FUCK in that armor, is fur used????
  • Monk Obsidian armor - Again with the blandness. Its an alright outfit to be sure. and theres nothing particularly wrong with it, except for the ridiculous overpricing of it that is, But all in all its just more of the bland, blah and ho-hum. Why does ANet purposefully give us such mediocrity?
  • Dervish Obsidian armor - said it before and I'll say it again. Mediocrity. It's bland, it's lame, it's unimaginative. Flat out terrible. this should be a set of starter armor. Not the most elite armor in the game.
  • Paragon Obsidian armor - Another one I kind of like. But I think they got it mixed up with this by accident. Oh well though. But seriously, wtf is up with making male para's look so gay? why do they always have to wear belly shirts and shit? Its fucking annoying how many paragon outfits are ruined by a very VERY noticeable air of homosexuality.
  • Warrior Obsidian armor - You look like a fucking stove. Which is cool if you wanna look like a stove. But srsly, there are way better armors out there. Wouldnt you rather look like a Samurai or maybe even Batman!?!? Also, Why does everyone dye this black? It looks so bland when its black.
  • Elementalist Obsidian armor - Not so bad on males. Some clipping issues with some hairstyles. But all in all for males its alright. On females however it looks like a freakin dominatrix. and its ugly. It looks like in those cartoons where the character gets his skin ripped off and you can see the muscles underneath. only someone did that to you and your blood is black. Awful. and it clips with almost every single female hairstyle in the entire game.
  • Mesmer Obsidian armor - Clips with itself. its the single most expensive armor in the entire game, the most elite of the elite, and it fucking clips with itself. Just, wow.
  • Assassin Obsidian armor - I have a personal grudge against this armor. It has to be, the single, ugliest, crappiest designed, idiotic, and lame armor ever put into the game. Ive stated this on other pages before but I'll restate here, This looks like the kids on the short bus decided to go into mommy's kitchen drawer and glue all the knives on to their One-Piece-Feety-Pajamas. It looks, in a quite literal sense, retarded. As in someone that was mentally challenged designed this armor. Its ghastly. Also, what the fuck is up with people dying this black? and then they wear one of these and dye it black too. Seriously, what the fuck century is this? are you Mister Game-and-mother-fucking-Watch!?!?! Jesus christ! Put just a TINY bit of personality into your outfit for fucks sake.

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