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I am...[edit]

User Master Saji Mister Pink.jpg This user is a fan of DJ Mister Pink!
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User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
"Dervish Lyssa Avatar" concept art.jpg This user's matron goddess is Lyssa.
User QuintusAntonious BaR.jpg Cirrisc is a proud member of Blade And Rose!
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User Andal ParaDance.jpg This user's favourite dance is the male Paragon dance.
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My "children"[edit]

Ischade The Wild
Ranger-icon.png Ischade The Wild
As the oldest of her group Ischade leads them into battle beside her pet warthog Oinkers. She is a strong supporter of the Kurzicks and uses all sorts of condition inducing arrows in her fights.
Sister Cirrisc
Monk-icon.png Sister Cirrisc
Despite being a monk, Cirisc is usually drunk. She's a fantastic healer, but can't smite a fly to save her life. She can usually be found drinking with the Norn in Gunnar's Hold or protecting turtles on the Jade Sea.
Carre Vertisce
Dervish-icon.png Carre Vertisce
As a vabbian worshiper of Lyssa, she is able to fight as well as carry twice her weight in gold. She has travelled the world many times, gaining vast amounts of wealth and fame. She is now a member of the Seraph.
Hexy Pirate
Mesmer-icon.png Hexy Pirate
Although she is origionally from Kourna, she was studying illusion magics in Shing Jea Monastery at the time of the Plague. Together, she and some of her fellow students stopped Shiro's evil plan.
Claire Spiritcaller
Ritualist-icon.png Claire Spiritcaller
After using her control over spirits to help defeat Shiro the betrayer, she sailed to Elona and made her way to the desolation. There, she met the sunspears and followed them into the Realm of Torment.
Lina Earthshaker
Elementalist-icon.png Lina Earthshaker
She was lucky enough to have been on a boat heading for Istan at the time of the Searing. She trained with the Sunspears on the art of command before sailing back to Tyria to discover what happened to her home.
Tala Deatheater
Necromancer-icon.png Tala Deatheater
As she was running from King Adelbern's vanguard, a large crystal fell on top of the guard, killing them. She animated their corpses and fought her way through Charr lands. She is now a member of the Ebon Vanguard.
Im The Turkey
Paragon-icon.png Im The Turkey
After saving Elona from the fallen god, Abaddon, she left the Sunspears and sailed to Kryta. There she met the Shining Blade and became a member after witnissing what the White Mantle were doing to innocent villagers.
Zaida Wild
Ranger-icon.png Zaida Wild
Zaida is Ischade's apprentice, although she was born into a Luxon clan. The two often argue, but Ischade guards Zaida with her life. Zaida has not died once on her journy, she has a bet to see how long she can last without a rez.
Larxene Cirrisc
Assassin-icon.png Larxene Cirrisc
Larxene was young when her sister left the monastery, but now she herself is a student. While the plague is gone, she now faces the many warring factions of Cantha. Luxons, Kurzicks, Am Fah, The Jade Brotherhood...
Carlyn Soulfire
Monk-icon.png Carlyn Soulfire
Carlyn fell into a crevice created by a falling crystal during the Searing. She and some of her friends landed in the catacombs and fought their way north. Only Carlyn, Kyros the necromancer, and her sister, a warrior, made it to the north alive.
Asher Torchsoul
Elementalist-icon.png Asher Torchsoul
Asher was one of the few in his group who both lived through the Searing and didn't travel by Catacombs. He and his ranger friend Lillyh made it to Kryta traveling by night and sleeping during the day. Lilly, however, did not make it all the way to Kryta.
Zephyr Stormsoul
Elementalist-icon.png Zephyr Stormsoul
Zephyr is an elementalist who was chasing some Grawl along the wall when the searing happened. She tried to kill as many Charr as she could to make it easier on the soldiers in Ascalon, and was killed. Perma Pre characters always die during the searing.
Perenelle Jade
Necromancer-icon.png Perenelle Jade
Still thinking about it.

Thanks for the general layout of my page, Gorani. ;) Without you it would look terrible. My monk and assassin are sisters, I had orrigionally planned for Sister Cirrisc to have a large family, but most of them were deleted. There are 2 mesmers, another monk, a 2 warriors, and several more assassins, just pretend, okay? :3 Here are some more pictures of all of my characters, as well as some of the ones that were deleted and some of them before the makeovers.