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Hi, I'm Fae. Also known on some forums as Kamara just to confuse people. I've been playing Guild Wars since middle of May 2005 where I picked up the Ranger class. I now consider myself a Jack of all trades and can play all classes with varying degrees of competency in PvE and PvP. Since Eye of the North I've reduced play times on other characters and really only focus on a handful. I've also down-sized from three accounts to one, but still remain active within all the guilds they're in.

Me and My Guilds[edit]

I'm a member of four guilds though my main home is the Blinkie Ponie Armie. We're a very close-knit group of people, proud and protective of each other. You can often find some of us in Lion's Arch International. We don't take random additions but we would never object to people just hanging around with us. Stop by and say hi!

Stuff I collect[edit]

Minis, Composite Bows, any kind of Axe I can get my hands on, Juicy Heket legs and Hand Axes/White Reavers.

I have a HoM![edit]

Well. Everyone does really. But my HoM in particular lives here


Blinkie Ponie Armie
Celestial Order Of The Bow
The Boat Crew
Alliance: The Boat Crew [boat]
#1 #2 Common Build-style and Skills Achievements
User Fae Girleyes.jpg Allianora Fae Dervish-icon.png NA-icon.png Scythe Swinger
Wounding Strike
Avatar of Lyssa
Wild Blow
Attacker's Insight
Avatar of Dwayna
Chilling Victory
Eremite's Attack
Neglected Obsidian-wearer
Gargoyle Farmer
Alysia Fae Ritualist-icon.png NA-icon.png Channeler and Occasional Healer
Signet of Spirits
Spirit Rift
Splinter Weapon
Ghostmirror Light
Flesh of My Flesh
Essence Strike
Legendary Survivor
Makes a mean cup of tea
Spirit poopin' farmer
Ash Fae Monk-icon.png NA-icon.png Mini-monk
Word of Healing
Patient Spirit
Zealous Benediction
Signet of Rejuvenation
Dismiss Condition
Reversal of Fortune
Spirit Bond
Legendary Survivor
Chaser of Wammos
Really, really small
Cinder Fae Assassin-icon.png NA-icon.png SF Farmbot, Runner, Pokes things with daggers
Moebius Strike
Critical Agility
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
"Finish Him!"
Temple Strike
Death Blossom
Golden Fang Strike
Golden Fox Strike
Skinny Midget
Liker of pointy knives
Darien Fae Paragon-icon.png NA-icon.png Buffs team-mates out the wazoo
Cruel Spear
Wild Throw
"There's Nothing to Fear!"
"For Great Justice!"
Stunning Strike
Disrupting Throw
"Fall Back!"
Asuran Scan
Making parties nigh-invincible for maximum lulz
Legendary Survivor
Drisana Fae Elementalist-icon.png NA-icon.png SF, SH, Blindbot, Earth Nuker
Searing Flames
Savannah Heat
Gaze of Contempt
"Finish Him!"
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Ward Against Melee
Ebon Hawk
Blurred Vision
God amongst pesky mortals
Main character... apparently
Juno Fae Mesmer-icon.png NA-icon.png Makes Casters Cry
Visions of Regret
Wastrel's Worry
Cry of Frustration
Power Drain
Ether Feast
Drain Enchantment
Rend Enchantments
Legendary Survivor
Professional Barbie Doll
People she's made RQ Jade Quarry = About 84.5
Lexine Fae Warrior-icon.png NA-icon.png Failed Survivor Attempt
Brawling Headbutt
Asuran Scan
Distracting Strike
Sun and Moon Slash
Enraging Charge
Another God Amongst Pesky Mortals
Personal Anger Management
Barbie Doll
Marla Fae Ranger-icon.png NA-icon.png Alliance Battle Archer
Crippling Shot
Burning Arrow
Distracting Shot
Natural Stride
Mending Touch
Troll Unguent
Savage Shot
Sloth Hunter's Shot
Kind of A Big Deal
Expensive PvP Character
Annoyer of Elementalists
Ruby Fae Necromancer-icon.png NA-icon.png Re-born Necro
Spiteful Spirit
"Finish Him!"
Corrupt Enchantment
Desecrate Enchantments
Insidious Parasite
Flesh of My Flesh
Legendary Survivor
Lover of Pointy things
Abuser of Soul-Reaping

Other Pages[edit]

Minis -- I collect minis. Most of them live on mules though with just a selection readily available :D
Zoo -- Slowly working on filling out my Pet Zoo too. No idea why, I rarely use pets. <_<

Wiki Interests[edit]

On the wiki I'm glued to the Recent Updates page. I undo vandal edits when I see em and just like looking at the quirky things that people upload and add to the wiki. It's an interesting place.

Playing interests[edit]

GW interests[edit]

I'm a PvEer at heart. I like questing, helping friends, setting random goals for myself. I like doing random dungeons for the sake of it. However I don't confine myself to just one aspect of the game.

I enjoy Alliance Battles and play for the Kurzicks. I have reached Rank 12 of the Kurzick Allegiance title track from ABs, Vanquishing, and also Jade Quarry, my current crack of choice. I usually play a Mesmer in JQ because Emapthying Luxon Warriors to death will never get old. I keep track of people I've made ragequit (84 and a half!) and how many I've fed to Base Defense (4 and 2 pets) I also have Rank 4 of the Luxon title from playing Fort Aspenwood a while back. I'll play Kurzick here too depending on my mood.

I play in RA when the mood strikes me though that's not very often. I usually leave because of the high doses of stupid. I have reached Rank 3 on the Hero track from running balanced, non-gimmick builds in Heroes' Ascent. The fact I achieved this through balanced rather than gimmicks gives me more pleasure than it probably should. I reached most of my Rank 1 from playing Ranger, most of my Rank 2 from playing Mesmer, and all of my Rank 3 from playing Monk. I stopped shortly after as it was getting harder to find a team within my social circle. Had two stints in GvG. One in '08 as a rit flagger and one in '09 as warrior, ele, and para. We had minor success in '09 but had to give it up due to real life. /poing


My Alliance named a disease after me. Faeitis. It's the compulsion to buy armor sets even if you have no need for them. Because of this my Mules have Mules. Guild Wars armor is stupidly pretty and I enjoy the days when friends want to buy an armor set as I get to play dress-up. I'm such a girl. *cough* Current armor sets count = 94

Gaming History[edit]

  • BBC Games from an early age. Favourites being Repton 2 and Cavey
  • Various Nintendo consoles (NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube/Gameboy/DS). Favourites being Mario games, the Metroid Series and Zelda games
  • Console games. Favourites being The Sims, The Sims 2 and Console-ports like Grand Theft Auto 3 + GTA:VC
  • Moving onto Guild Wars where I've been for almost three years.
  • Got a Wii a while back and that's stupid good fun. Virtual Console keeps me amused far more than it should

People to Stalk... I mean... Watch[edit]



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