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General Information

Hi, My name is John and I'm 16 years old. I'm about to start my senior year at HS and I live in America. I have been playing Guild Wars for roughly a year. I have many plans for my future. I'm currently number one in my class and plan to go to school for either Chemical or Computer engineering. As some may see, English is not my favorite subject, but I love math and science. Right now I work at Wally-World, Unfortunate for me. But it's just some extra money on the side until I go to College.

Back in middle school the nickname "Hank" originated and has stuck with me ever since. I like to make stupid names that have to do with the name Hank. For example, My first character ever made on Guild Wars was named "Big Hanky" or My Dervish whose name is "Hanks Gotcha". At first I didn't like the name because it reminded me of the South Park Character Mr. Hanky, then I thought about it and I guess it was a little amusing.

I'm still somewhat new to this wiki but hope to learn much here. I'm very stubborn. One thing I hate are people who think they know everything. Even though sometimes I can be this way, but I guess there is a quality about yourself that everyone hates.

Guild Wars Wiki(GWW)

I occasionally will look up various pages that need some work i.e. Image or just plain information about a certain boss or NPC. I have created some articles to help further expand the wiki and plan to contribute more in the future. For now I think I am more concerned with learning more wiki code and progressing farther into the game so that I may use my knowledge for the greater good.


I'm currently selling a Q.9 15^50 20/20 +30 HP Deadbow, PM me In game if interested(same name as user name)

Life Goals

  • Get A Bachelors Degree in..
    • Chemical Engineering or
    • Computer Engineering

In Game Goals

  • Dervish Goals
    • Basically Max out Titles
    • Get Grand Master Cartographer
    • Unlock all Elite Skills on Elona
    • Get My Treasure Hunter Title


If you wish to contact me feel free to send an email.

You may also leave a message on my discussion page.

Alternately you may email

Or message xbhcxhank on xfire.

Useful Links

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