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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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About Me[edit]

Hello Everyone! I am one busy guy! Besides playing guildwars, I am a computer programmer....yeah I know....AWESOME! During the Summer though, I get to spend more time helping out people in this game and more recently helping out Blade Radio :D

Guild Wars[edit]

I love playing Guildwars! In fact, I get bad grades in school becasue i luv it so much. My favorite thing to do in Guildwars is Help out guildies and uber pwn in HM. My main classes I prefer to play are Dervish and Assassin. My guilds include, Blood Of The Dervihs[Derv], Blood Of The Assassin[Sin], Blood Of The Warrior[War], and Blood Of The Elementalist[Ele](a luxon guild). Each guild has a different aspect to the game as a focus and that is what I enjoy the most!

Contact Me[edit]

You can reach me through my talk page on this wiki.

You can also reach me in game: Holy Derv Of Lite / Frazie Ca / Assassins Lite

Or Email me at:

More Information About My Characters[edit]

My Dervish Holy Derv Of Lite

My PvE Assassin Assassins Lite

My PvE Warrior Frazie Ca



Holy Derv Of Lite - the co-owner of alliance and owner of 4 guilds. (150k+faction)

The Monk Forhte Day - owner of alliance and 2 guilds. (600k+faction)


Kyzie The Assassin - Blood Of The Assassins owner Johny Sythe Master - Blood Of The Warrior owner

Blade Air Bender - Blood Of The Elementalist owner