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About me![edit]

Hey there! I'm Lottie, I've played guildwars for 4 years. The first character I played was a monk, and the second a ranger (both born on the 11/11), I deleted the monk, but my ranger is still one of my mains. My favorite class to play is a Mesmer. SO, if they don't put them into gw2, I wont buy it. Simple! :)

I spend most of my time ingame helping others finishing off titles and missions ect. I like to play mesmer and monk, however I will use my ranger for most high end content!

IT'S FINALLY WINTERSDAY! :) The towns are so pretty that I want to die! Also - Frognogs should drop (fruitcakes soaked in eggnog - 500 points/minutes each!) Aaah - can use the 12 stacks of candy canes I have saved up! :D

Thats about all you need to know!


I stolded tehm becaouse I culd :o

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From Anet with love.
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