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Hey. I made this account in 2009 to contribute to dye galleries, drop research, and general wiki gnome activity. I've been playing Guild Wars since 2008 and own all three campaigns and the Eye of the North expansion. I am an officer in the The Exclave. I am a devout Christian and proud of it.

ANet asserted that GW2 would be released after all four Guild Wars books’ release and the resolution of Guild Wars: Beyond. The third book was published a year after Guild Wars 2’s release, and discussion of the fourth book has ceased. Guild Wars: Beyond clearly lost ANet’s attention before the Elona segment, my most highly anticipated update. The aftermath of Palawa Joko's release by the protagonists of Nightfall has to be cataclysmic. Elona was going to be destroyed. I wanted to see it really, really bad.

No new birthday presents for 7th year, no new masks since 2012, and nearly everything is automated. John Stumme alluded to some cool future update for Halloween 2010, which we will never experience now. Err, did we even get the second part of that Elementalist update? I thought the team was going to keep GW1 running?

I completely understand GW2 eating up a lot of human resources, but girl. It is 2015. Turn your eyes back on the game we grew up on. It breaks our hearts to see you go.

With love,

Forever a Guild Wars 1 Player

Country: USA
Main: Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png/Ranger-tango-icon-20.pngNykki Dragomiroff
Current Projects: Typo/grammar correction (a never ending project)

Guild Wars 2 Wiki-Nykki: [[1]]

-Five Powertrading Tips from the Master-

  1. Always introduce yourself as a powertrader and make it as obvious as possible that you are buying the item with the intentions of immediately selling it for way too high.
  2. Buy from other powertraders at inflated prices and try to sell at even higher.
  3. Stay on the same character and offer multiple times to the same people.
  4. Try to make the other person feel bad for you while making it as obvious as possible you are lying.
  5. Always buy the birthday tonics for the quickest guaranteed profit!

GWAMM Progress:

Currently: I'm Very Important (18/30). We are all too depressed & bored. Maybe someday.


  • None of the impressive ones.
  • I preordered GW2, but the 3 points for account linking bumped me to "Flameseeker". That title isn't as cool as Ghostly Hero. Instant overreaction.
  • I immediately logged in and spent 200e on destroyer weapons and random minipets. I am now comfortably sitting at "Legend of the Mists". Seriously an enviable title.
  • I have absolutely no desire to get "Champion of the Gods" There is no mystique to a title like that.

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