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Name Robert M. Hunter (RMH)

Age 23

Campaigns Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North

Play Style PvE


Welcome to my user page. I am Robert M. Hunter. I know very little; okay I know nothing about formating and stuff, so if you know anything about formating and would like to format my page to make it more appealing to view then by all means do so, but please keep all the content I put on here.


I have been playing Guild Wars: Prophecies since winter quarter 2007, but stopped after 5 months because of schooling and such. However, I have recently gotten back into playing and have been enjoying every minute of it
In Guild Wars: Prophecies
My frst character is a Ranger / Warrior named Valador Danacia.
My fourth character is a Monk / Elementalist named Lunaria Tyrus.
My seventh character is be a Necromancer / ??? named Berith Lamorte.
In Guild Wars: Factions
My second character is an Assassin / Monk named Vorin Dorogao.
My fifth character will be a Ritualist / ??? named Lekon Totuvakun.
My eighth character is an Elementalist / ??? named Bamaterasu Lafreya.
In Guild Wars: Nightfall
My third character is a Dervish / Necromancer named Vannik Dakariss.
My sixth character will be a Paragon / ??? named Luxoria Tymyk.

My Character(s)

I will include several things about each character. First I will mention their name. Second their professions will be mentioned. Third I shall give a biography about each character; it will be a bit more endepth than what is probably needed but I am a writer and enjoy writing especially when it's about characters I created. Lastly, I will include favorite things I use, such as skill, weapon and armor.
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1. Ranger-icon-small.pngValador Danacia

2. Assassin-icon-small.pngVorin Dorogao

3. Dervish-icon-small.pngVannik Dakariss

4. Monk-icon-small.pngLunaria Tyrus

6. Paragon-icon-small.pngLuxoria Tymyk

7. Necromancer-icon-small.pngBerith Lamorte

8. Elementalist-icon-small.pngBamaterasu Lafreya

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I thank these cool people for elements found on my userpages: Thulsey • Lensor • Y0 ich halt

Other cool users: Anja Astor • • BeXoR