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That which is given is worth far more than that which is taken - User The Turtle King My Icon.pngThe Turtle King (CEI)- 2005
There is no Honor without Faith, Compassion and Loyalty - User The Turtle King My Icon.pngThe Turtle King (CEI)- 2005

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Bone Dragon Prince Rurik Shiro Tagachi Burning Titan Charr Shaman Kirin Fungal Wallow Hydra Jade Armor Jungle Troll Necrid Horseman Siege Turtle Temple Guardian Whiptail Devourer
Gwen Lich Water Djinn Elf Koss Palawa Joko Aatxe Fire Imp Harpy Ranger Heket Warrior Juggernaut Mandragor Imp Thorn Wolf Wind Rider
Mad King Thorn Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh White Rabbit Freezie Nornbear Ooze Abyssal Cave Spider Cloudtouched Simian Forest Minotaur Irukandji Mursaat Raptor Roaring Ether
Eye of Janthir Dagnar Stonepate Flame Djinn Flowstone Elemental Jora Nian Abomination Desert Griffon Dredge Brute Krait Neoss Kveldulf Quetzal Sly Terrorweb Dryder Word of Madness
M.O.X. King Adelbern Zhu Hanuku Candysmith Marley Oola Ventari Cobalt Scabara Fire Drake Ophil Nahualli Scourge Manta Seer Shard Wolf Seige Devourer Summit Giant Herder
Gwen Doll Professor Yakkington Brown Rabbit

Personal Info[edit]

I have been playing online games since before 1200bps modems where cutting edge tech and the only way for most people to access the "Internet" (if they even knew what it was) required going through a BBS. I started playing Everquest within weeks of its release and have beta tested many online games, including a few for ArenaNet/NCsoft. At this time GuildWars is my preferred online game.
The founder and leader of the guild Army of the Turtle King [AtTK]. I have been playing this game since 05/2005, as of 03/2007 that is 22 months (sad huh), and am running 6 working characters and 2 mules for extra storage. I have all 3 chapters with characters in each chapter, as yet I have not completed any (I keep getting distracted with other in-game goals as you can see by TK's mission progress).
PvX This user enjoys both PvE and PvP.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.


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I also have an account over at [GuildWiki] but do not maintain it anymore.

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