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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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Hallo! I've been playing GW for five years. Originally, I had been anticipating WoW to come out and the date kept getting pushed back and pushed back until finally I got fed up with that and it was by pure chance that I saw the banner ad for Guild Wars and it had just gone gold either that very day or just the day before. So I bought an account and haven't looked back since! I've fallen in love with this game and it's really obvious it has been and continues to be a labor of love. Tough love, perhaps, but it's still love.

Despite the glitches, bugs, and flaws it's a game like no other and I hope it continues to be. Thanks, Anet, for giving me a lot of fun and something to look forward to.

Musings for 2011[edit]

Showing Off: I wonder how many people are lying about how much swag they've got when they post them up on their user pages. I mean, there's no way we can actually check and see if you've really got glowy Chaos gloves or if you've got so much gold your Xunlai is gonna explode.

Story Time: I kind of do and don't wanna post up the backstory I've been hashing together for my main characters. I mean on the one hand, I think I've got a fun story and I should archive it somewhere. On the other hand, it's a little on the dorkish side to post your fanfics on a wiki. Then again, we're all a little on the dorkish side for actually having user pages on a wiki, too, isn't it? Granted, if I post anything for my characters I don't know enough styles for it to be snazzy and all pretty-fied so most likely you'll get a simple framed image and a wall-o-text. I'm not even sure how to create separate pages from off the user page to do it.