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Black Bear.jpg Black Bear

No No   Polar Bear.jpg Polar Bear

No No   Jingle Bear.jpg Jingle Bear

No No   Panda.jpg Panda

No No
Lion.jpg Lion

No No   Lioness.jpg Lioness

No No   Tiger.jpg Tiger

No No   White Tiger.jpg White Tiger

No No
Melandru's Stalker.jpg Melandru's Stalker

No No   Lynx.jpg Lynx

No No   Jahai Rat.jpg Jahai Rat

No No   Albino Rat.jpg Albino Rat

No No
Wolf.jpg Wolf

No No   Black Wolf.jpg Black Wolf

No No   White Wolf.jpg White Wolf

No No   Hyena.jpg Hyena

No No
Strider.jpg Moa Bird

No No   White Moa.jpg White Moa

No No   Black Moa.jpg Black Moa

No No   White Jingle Moa.jpg White Jingle Moa

No No
Flamingo.jpg Flamingo

No No   Crane.jpg Crane

No No   Raven.jpg Raven

No No   Mountain Eagle.jpg Mountain Eagle

No No
Phoenix (pet).jpg Phoenix

No No   Rainbow Phoenix.jpg Rainbow Phoenix

No No   Black Widow.jpg Black Widow

No No   Moss Spider.jpg Moss Spider

No No
Lurker.jpg Lurker

No No   Reef Lurker.jpg Reef Lurker

No No   White Crab.jpg White Crab

No No   Crocodile.jpg Crocodile

No No
Dune Lizard.jpg Dune Lizard

No No   Iguana.jpg Iguana

No No   Warthog.jpg Warthog

No No   Hound of Balthazar.jpg Hound of Balthazar

No No

Usage Notes:

{{User:Tytan Crow/template:pets
| background = {{x-color}} or {{x-color|dark}} etc...
| border = {{x-color}} or {{x-color|light}} etc...
| text color = {{x-color}} or red etc... 
| user = Optional info
| (Pet) = yes (all pet names begin with a capital eg. White Wolf)
| (Pet) Name = The name you have given that pet.
| (Pet) Lvl = 1-5 (use the key below)

Pet Name Lvl key is:
1 = no
2 = Lvl 5
3 = Lvl 12
4 = Lvl 15
5 = Lvl 20