Vanguard Equipment

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Vanguard Equipment
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Captain Arne
in Ascalon City
Preceded by The Great Northern Wall
Type Secondary quest
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Find Gelsan's stolen goods in Regent Valley and receive the Vanguard Equipment for Captain Arne in Ascalon City.

Quest information[edit]





After accepting the quest, enter Regent Valley from Fort Ranik and speak to Gelsan the Outfitter who is standing near the portal. Travel south until you can see some bandits, one of whom will drop the stolen goods when killed. Pick up the item and carry it back to Gelsan, and speak to him to receive the Vanguard Equipment. Return the Vanguard Equipment to Captain Arne to complete the quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Arne
"There are no more stalwart people than the people of Ascalon. They see the good work that Prince Rurik and his Vanguard are doing, and each day their will to take the fight to the Charr grows. I have more volunteers to join the Vanguard than I can equip."
"I've ordered equipment and supplies for several new recruits from a merchant named Gelsan in Regent Valley, and I'd be greatly appreciative if you could go pick up the equipment and return it here to me. If you're willing to help, just travel south out of Fort Ranik into Regent Valley. He'll be along the road somewhere."
Yes Accept: "I'm happy to be of service to the Vanguard."
No Decline: "I'm not interested in menial tasks."
Ask Ask: "We still need that equipment from Gelsan. No matter how brave these young volunteers are, we will not send them out to face the Charr in rags."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Gelsan the Outfitter
"So good ole Captain Arne wants that gear, eh? Well, I'm all for that, but some bandits ran off with it. If you can find those fellows and bring me back the stolen goods, I'll be more than happy to give you what you came for. Just be sure to bring 'em back to me directly. Not everything in there is what was paid for by your Captain Arne."
Gelsan the Outfitter
"Well then, that seems to be everything. Funny, isn't it? Nothing like any military gear in here, but you're in luck: Turns out that it was just mislaid out back. So here you go, no harm done to anyone what didn't deserve it, eh?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Arne
"Is that chest what I hope it is? Ah, yes, good... Looks like the supplies we ordered are all here. Thank you for attending to this matter. I do not doubt Gelsan made it far more difficult than it needed to be. He is a greedy cur, that one, but he usually comes through in the end, and now is not the time to turn our backs on anyone who might help our cause."