Lord Onrah's Sword

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Lord Onrah's Sword
Lord Onrah's Sword.jpg
Type Unique sword
Campaign Nightfall
Damage type(s) Slashing damage
Inventory icon Lord Onrah's Sword.png

Lord Onrah's Sword is a unique sword dropped by Dread Lord Onrah, a boss who can be found in Fahranur, The First City.

[edit] Stats

[edit] Replica

It is impossible to create an exact visual or technical replica of this item because of the combination of low damage and low requirement, but you can create a technical max damage copy using the following:


[edit] Notes

  • This sword has a unique skin.
Bug Bug.When wielded by a character, the sword is rendered black. When Dread Lord Onrah is seen wielding this sword, it is rendered similar to the inventory icon.
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