Rift Warden

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Rift Warden
Voice of Grenth.jpg
Affiliation Wintersday
Type Phantom
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 24
Campaigns Prophecies

As Wintersday quest NPCs, Rift Wardens first appeared during Wintersday 2006.



Quests given:


"Lo and behold, traveler! Watch your step! Grenth has breached the divide between the planes in a bid for victory in this year's Wintersday battle. It is my duty to provide passage to those of stout heart and mind to the locations where conflicts are taking place. Are you brave enough to join in the conflict?"


  • This creature has a miniature version.


  • Rift Wardens were originally level 24 Elementalist monsters found in the survival mission that introduced the Tournament. A team was rewarded with a 2% morale boost for each one killed. The format of the introductory mission was revamped in the June 29 2005 update and the Rift Wardens were replaced with the Unworthy Dead, and, later, the Zaishen Elite of Heroes' Ascent.
  • Consuming a Phantasmal Tonic turns a player character into a Rift Warden for 50 minutes.
  • Each year prior to Wintersday 2012, the Rift Warden appearance was delayed after the start of the Wintersday festivities. His appearance was believed to be at Monday 16:00 (UTC) after the first weekend of Wintersday events.