Anniversary Axe "Engrave"

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Anniversary Axe "Engrave"
Runic Axe.jpg
Type Axe
Campaign(s) Core
Energy Storage
Damage type(s) Cold damage
Inventory icon Runic Axe.png

Anniversary Axe "Engrave" is an inscribable gold rarity axe obtained from Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith in Embark Beach during the Anniversary Celebration in exchange for 5 Proofs of Legend.


Cold Dmg: 6-28 (Requires 9 Energy Storage)
Inscription: None
Crafted in tribute to an enduring legend.


This axe uses the same skin as a Runic Axe.


This item cannot be replicated, as no other axe has an Energy Storage requirement.


Anomaly Anomaly.This axe deals cold damage inherently, not as a result of an Icy axe haft. The axe can stil be upgraded with an non-elemental damage Axe Haft without removing the cold damage.


  • Introduced in the April 22, 2020 update.
  • This is likely a reference to the Leviathan Axe from the God of War video game series. Both have notably runes inscribed on the blade and are linked to ice.

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