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Istani commoner m.jpg Istani noble m.jpg
Affiliation Istani
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall

The Architects of Champion's Dawn are all members of the Istani Society of Engineers and Architects. It is these architects that are responsible for the appearance of the structures found throughout Istan.



After Chahbek Village
  • "I hear you're the up-and-coming Sunspear. Tell me, have you thought about building a home?"
  • "I only use real Istani ironreed in my construction. It makes things so much more sturdy."
  • "I've always thought of myself as more of a roof-specialist."
  • "The most successful sunspears are those with a good foundation of skills."
  • "Your profession is like the floor of your home. Choose carefully, and you can stand on it forever."
After Jokanur Diggings
  • "Demons? Nightfall? Nonsense! You're just trying to panic the crowd. Istan is as firm as its foundations."
  • "I wish I had gone to Vabbi to study art."
  • "There's something alive still in those ruins. I hear it, grinding, whispering."
  • "We've tried to build over those old ruins. But some dark power always stopped us, razing everything we tried to raise."
  • "With the ruins cleared, we can finally study the architecture there. What a treasure!"
After Blacktide Den
  • "I must reinforce the foundations on the eastern side of town. They'll never survive a siege."
  • "I've seen Kournan warfare. It's messy. They'll burn Istan to the ground."
  • "Perhaps we could hide in the ruins? Some of those buildings have stood for generations. I can think of no stronger spot."
  • "There is war on the horizon; mark my words. Istan will be tested."
  • "War is never pretty... but it does leave room for reconstruction."
After Consulate Docks
  • "A little shoring up, a few supports on walls, fill in a few windows with stone.... We could make Istan more protected. At least it would give us a chance."
  • "Go to Kourna. Go to Vabbi. Their buildings are ten times more durable than ours."
  • "I built my home out of the strongest stone. I fear that after Varesh is done, it will be the only building standing in Istan."
  • "I keep telling the Elders that Istan will never stand up to a Kournan assault. We'll collapse like sand."
  • "I'll have to rebuild everything. The Kournans will burn it all."
Later in the game
  • "I have a map of the town, and I'm thinking about adding watchtowers. What do you think?"
  • "I wish I'd taken that job in Kourna. I'd be far away from all this."
  • "My seer friend always goes on about the books in Vabbi, but she completely misses the grandeur of the library itself!"
  • "Vabbi has nothing to compare with Istan's simple beauty. Their buildings are too large, too grand, like wallowing hippopotami."
  • "You can't beat vabbian architecture. Varesh wouldn't even get a foothold there."