Belgun the Quarry Master

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Belgun the Quarry Master
Vabbian commoner m white.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Nightfall
Belgun the Quarry Master map.jpg
Location in Vehjin Mines

Belgun the Quarry Master oversees the mining operations in Vehjin Mines.



Quests given:


"I am Belgun, master of the diamond mines. It's my job to oversee extraction operations in the tunnels and the open pit sites. You might say that my work is "the pits." But I really "dig" my job! Ha! Get it?"


  • Judging from the dialogue said during To the Rescue, Coffer of Joko, and the requirement of Master of Whispers, he is a member of the Order of Whispers. This, however, has not been confirmed.