Puzzling Parchment

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Puzzling Parchment
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Belgun the Quarry Master
in Vehjin Mines
Required hero Master of Whispers
Preceded by Coffer of Joko
Followed by Garden Chores
Type Secondary quest
Puzzling Parchemnt Map.jpg
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Having found an Ancient Parchment in the Coffer of Joko, seek out a wizard in the Garden of Seborhin to understand its meaning.

Quest information[edit]


  • Seek the meaning of the ancient parchment.



Map travel to Tihark Orchard, then head out into the western Forum Highlands, and speak to Seborhin Protector Zuor to gain entrance to the Garden of Seborhin. Once in the garden, make your way to Hedge Wizard Mabai located in the middle area of the east side. Speak to Mabai and show him the ancient parchment to complete the quest.

  • You can only complete this quest if you have completed the Nightfall campaign, or if you have Tahlkora in your party (before the garden becomes Nightfallen).


Initial dialogue[edit]

Belgun the Quarry Master

"These "Scriptures of Abaddon" aren't scriptures at all. Thank the gods! I honestly haven't a clue as to what is written on this parchment. All I can surmise is that this ancient parchment is part of a greater whole, but it does me no good. Here, why don't you take it? Perhaps you will find some use for it."
Yes Accept: "I'll decode this ancient riddle."
No Decline: "Moldy old paper? You can keep it."
Ask Ask: "Someone out there must know the secrets of that ancient parchment."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Hedge Wizard Mabai

"Let me see that. By the gods, my luck has finally come! Where did you find this? I have been searching for this ancient parchment for many years now. It is the missing piece of a puzzle that has remained unsolved for ages. With both halves, I can attain a powerful magic to satisfy my every whim!"
"As a token of thanks, we will seek out the power together. However, there are a few tasks we'll need to take care of first. Speak to me again when you are ready."